A Web Hosting Guide

To expand the field of your business world, setting up a website for making your business a part of the online world of business, is definitely an aspect of paramount significance. Having consolidated the foundation, you; fancy of having a domain name and then follow the idea of finding web hosting for the purpose of the website you’re going to have. Primarily, you start thinking about the suitable web hosting that can help you. So, let me begin with the ABC of this world of web hosting.

Can you define web hosting?

Web hosting is far more than just a domain; it is a collection of files that are linked by means of HTML code that enables the text and graphics to come together on a computer to show what a website is truly about. Having a computer with special software will enable you the opportunity to save your made files and let others see, as long as they have internet access. In broad and basic terms, web hosting is when someone rents space that is found on a web server. The web server is where a computer makes the requests for files that have been previously stored there. The server is also able to pass on the files to the internet which enables them to be viewed on a computer that requests them. There are similarities to be drawn between a waiter in a restaurant and the term “server.”

There are many services that are provided by a web server. It has the ability to display files to other people surfing the internet and it can provide further uses. These may include offering the ability to generate email accounts and addresses that are relevant to the domain name which will allow the sending and receiving of emails. In addition to this provision, the ability to make and control databases, show moving images and a number of other options are provided to the user. It does not matter about the computer as the software is what is important in making a server.

As it is a service being provided, there is a fee for purchasing a web host and this money goes towards the general upkeep and maintenance of the software and hardware of the server. This payment is also used to keep the server online, to ensure it is held securely and that a rapid internet connection is maintained. Payment also goes towards paying for the person who maintains this service. It may be possible for the user to do it all themselves but having a dedicated provider do the tasks for you is usually a better idea for most people. Yes, this incurs a charge but it can be worthwhile providing the person does it in reliable form.

Web Hosting varieties

Shared Hosting- Although there are websites such as Yahoo! which are able to provide access for everyone on the internet, it is more common for a site to have a narrower target market, which means they don’t require an almost infinite amount of pages. This means that the complete services of a web server is not required by the majority of web sites. It is said that in excess of 95% of the websites that are available are hosted on shared hosting sites. This is where more than a single website is held on a specific server and this method costs less than a dedicated hosting service. This is due to the fact that is spreads resources and costs over a number of different users. The reduction in cost is a reason for its popularity and shared, or virtual, hosting allows every client to have an agreed proportion of the resources available on the server. Depending on how much resources are being used, with respect to number of email accounts, amount of disk space being used, size of bandwidth, the price will vary accordingly.

Dedicated Hosting- When you feel the need of having lots of visitors for your big website or you think about dominating resources or feel antipathy towards sharing the server with anyone else who might crash it, you need a web server that is entirely dedicated to you. So, dedicated hosting is all about renting the service of an entire server. Ownership of machine and responsibility for maintaining the hardware and the web hosting software still remains in the realm of the web hosting company but you gain control over the configuration and use of the server. Semi-dedicated hosting is another interesting term where a web server extends service to 2-4 clients with a strong line of demarcation between them. This is also treated as managed hosting for here hosting company maintains the server. Having clarified all the ins and outs, it goes without saying that dedicated hosting is more expensive than shared hosting.

Server Co-Location- The best option for having everything of your web server in your own domain is to purchase one and then maintain it with the aid of your own knowledge about it. It might still not be enough to keep your server aloof from power outages, roof leaks, thieves, unwary employees and other problems. It might not be able to keep your server on the Internet on a fast connection as well but a data center endows you with all these services. One thing needs to be said here that the rental of physical security, uninterrupted electrical power and a high-speed Internet connection for a server is what we know as Co-location. It is very interesting that here you are responsible for the hardware or software maintenance of a co-located server. The data center has no part to play here. Having sufficient knowledge and time to maintain a web server, this option is better and cheaper than dedicated hosting.

UNIX Hosting- Although a number of web host styles have been talked about so far, it is more accurate to say they have been variants on UNIX as this is what the majority of web severs are operated on. The UNIX operating system was developed by universities as a method of providing access to networks and servers and features in many different forms and designs. This is because this form of operating system was created with ‘open source protocol’ which enabled many amendments and adjustments to be made. There are a great number of variations produced such as FreeBSD, SuSE, Debian and Red Hat Linux all of which stem from Linux and BSD, which are considered to be the popular versions. A huge benefit of using UNIX as a form of hosting is its low cost and the fact that it provides a better alternative to many operating systems. This reduction in costs allows the web host to charge a lower price for their service or allows them to have a larger profit margin. Other benefits in using this style of hosting platform is that the UNIX is considered to have high security, it is considered extremely powerful and it offers great stability. You may hear the phrase ‘UNIX hosting’ used quite a lot and this is because it refers to any platform that originated from the first UNIX.

Windows Hosting- There are clearly many products developed by Microsoft and Windows Server 2003 is one of them. In order to operate this product, a license needs to e bought and this raises costs and increases prices. Even with this cost, this type of operating system supplied by Windows is not as powerful and is less secure than the UNIX version. Products such as ASP, ColdFusion or ASP.NET are extremely popular for a number of applications and can only be run on a server like Microsoft SQL Server or Access. If you wish to use these features there is a requirement to have a host who uses Windows.

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Easy To Follow Ideas About Search Engine Optimization That Will Really Help You


You could be the most ambitious person on the planet when it comes to creating a website with all the bells and whistles that people will love, but unless your visitors can find your site when they search specific terms, your efforts are just going to be wasted. Read these tips and make the most of your efforts.


On your website, headings are going to play a vital role in organizing information. So you need to use only a single H1 tag when you are putting your page together. You can use various subheading tags, like H2-H6, but keep things neat and clean by only using one main H1 tag.


To search engine optimize your website, don't include more than 150 internal linking hyperlinks on your home page. Too many internal links on one page can dilute a web page's search engine rank. Huge numbers of links also make it hard for visitors to find the information that they need quickly.


To ensure that your website is as easy as possible to crawl, keep your site architecture flat. Don't use too many sub folders, instead use descriptive names for each page. Keep your pages with the most competitive keywords in their names, close to the root folder, so they will gain a higher page rank.


A great way to optimize your search engine is to provide use internal links. This means you have an easy access to links within your own site. This provides an easier database for customers of viewers to use and will end up boosting the amount of traffic you have.


Find some SEO forums that take site review requests. Participate in the forums then ask fellow members to take look at your website. When someone you don't know well visits your website they can analyze it critically and unemotional, then highlight mistakes and suggest ways for you to improve your website's search engine optimization.


While purchasing a domain name may seem like the right way to go, many search engines do not recommend it. Some search engines have a long delay for adding new sites to their existing lists, and last thing you want is to delay getting new visitors. Using your existing website is more feasible, since the wait time for some engines is up to a full year.


Decide whether or not you want to use a link farm. Link farms are sites without content that just have thousands of links. This is generally seen as a negative thing. However, these do appear in search engines, and can help you rise in the ranks. It is your decision as to what is most important: rapport with other sites, or search engine rankings.


As mentioned at the start of this article, it's very important that you do not allow your efforts to go to waste. Learning the proper optimization tactics for the search engines out there is how your site or business goes from a simple start-up to being a legitimate and popular brand online. Use the tips you've just read to your advantage in SEO.


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