3 E-mail List Management Services

Newsletters can be used to connect with clients, family, friends, or fans. They allow you to inform your subscribers of important information. You can find online free mailing lists and paid-for mailing lists. This article will address the features and prices of three paid-for mailing list services.

There are many types of mailing list service providers to choose from. Web hosting providers often add newsletters into their web site package deals. Then there are many software packages you can buy and venture out on your own to create your own newsletter. Then there are third-party mailing list services providers, which some offer free of charge while others charge a reasonable fee. Here are three providers who charge a fee.


Biglist maintains a list of subscribers and delivers your newsletters to them almost instantly. This company features a virtual domain name, so it appears as if you are the one sending the newsletter from your domain.

Other features include:

* Simple subscribe procedure – readers are in control of their subscription/un-subscription by email or web form
* Flat rate pricing
* Easy web interface
* Absolute privacy
* Archives
* 24-hour customer service
* Announcement or one-to-many list
* Discussion or many-to-many list
* Automatic purging of invalid e-mail addresses
* Digest list at no extra charge
* Automatic headers and footers

The prices at BIGLIST are listed in two different ways. There is a Standard List (@your_co.BIGLIST.com) and the Virtual List (@lists.your_domain.com). The prices are gauged by total number of subscribers ranging from up to 500 – 1,000,000+. The prices per month range from $ 40-$ 600. There is a standard set-up fee $ 50 for Standard List and $ 75 for Virtual List.


Listcast enables their clients to send personalized, targeted emails based on their subscribers’ interests and demographics all for low-cost packages. They also maintain the list.


* Import existing e-mail lists
* Manage multiple lists
* Unlimited number of list members
* List welcome message
* Newsletters fill-in-the-blank templates
* Large message file size limit
* Target e-mails based on interests
* Automatic purging of invalid e-mail addresses
* Confirmed opt-in
* Informative reports
* Upload images

Listcast offers several packages:

* Up to 200 messages – FREE
* Up to 10,000 messages a month – $ 19.95
* Up to 20,000 messages a month – $ 29.95
* Up to 50,000 messages a month – $ 49.95
* Up to 100,000 messages a month – $ 79.95

esoSoft Corporation

esoSoft specializes in mailing list hosting. They offer a mailing list that will be hosted using their mylist.net domain name. For example, the posting address would be: your-list-name@mylist.net.


* Advertising free
* No set-up fee
* Web based subscribing and unsubscribing
* Customizable home page
* Bounced detection and handling
* Spam filters
* Auto-Replies
* Digest and archives
* Free unlimited e-mail support


* ML Classic – 3,000 messages/10MB/$ 5.95 a month
* ML Piccolo – 30,000 messages/50MB/$ 9.95 a month
* ML Mezzo – 50,000 messages/100MB/$ 14.95 a month
* ML Grande – 70,000 messages/200MB/$ 19.95 a month


Creating and maintaining your own newsletter shouldn’t be an extra chore. With a third-party mailing list service provider all you have to worry about the content. To shop around for more providers, enter, “Mailing List Service” into your search engine box and shop around for a package which suits your needs.

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By increasing traffic to a blog or website, there is a good possibility that there will be a resulting increase in the sales from that source from the additional visitors. Optimizing your search engine will help to make the web site you have made more accessible. In this article you will find great advice for maximizing your optimization efforts.
You should make sure that the search engine optimization you choose, uses a quality and proven technique. Stuffing keywords haphazardly throughout your site won't do anything but lower your audience's confidence in your legitimacy. Consider custom-made content that is specific to your business. This will draw in the audience and encourage them to explore the rest of your website.
When you try to increase search engine optimization, you should make your URL something easy and understandable. It should be clear what your site is about. That way, people will known what they are clicking on when they are looking for something using a search engine and they will more likely click on your site.
In order to help crawlers and spiders index your web site, you should create a site map. A site map is a list of all the pages that make up your site. By creating one, web spiders will be able to discover even the most obscure and hidden pages, as well as to receive other important information. This will increase your visibility on the internet.
If video or audio items are shown on your website, you should have transcripts of these included. The transcripts allow your content to be easily understood by search engine robots. This will ensure your website gets a higher ranking.
Keep your content fresh. While having lots of content is important, it has to be up to date. A search engine will track how frequently your site is updated and this has an effect on your rank in the freshness category. Any form of change, whether it's a news article or a blog post, will help to boost your rank.
As much as possible, stay away from frames in your website. Search engines can't index framed pages. The best that they will be able to do is to index your home page. This means that, if the majority of your site uses frames, then the majority of your site will not be indexed.
If you want to avoid a three to six month period of your site being in a ranking abyss, do not make a lot of link exchanges or buy a lot of links right away. Take your time marketing your site slowly to the internet and your rank will go up much quicker.
If you have embedded videos on your web site, be sure to include them in your sitemap. Doing so lets the search engines know that your video content is actually part of your web site. This will help bring more traffic to your site, since viewers will be more likely to come to your site to watch your video rather than going to an external hosting site.
When search results are shown, it's probably the results showing on the first two pages that will see the highest traffic. The ideas you've read here will help you to build traffic and increase the profits you receive from your website or blog. Optimizing your site or blog can do a lot for your business.

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