The Benefits of WordPress Hosting and Web Design

If you are building a new website, chances are you are using WordPress. WordPress is one of the most popular website building platforms around. While WordPress is fairly user-friendly, setting up a host for the platform can be difficult for some users. This is why hiring a professional WordPress hosting service to give you a[…]

Know the Functionality of Domain Parking Software

If you own several parked domain sites, organizing and keeping track of them all for affiliate marketing purposes can sound like a daunting task. If you use domain parking software, however, you will have the opportunity to sort through several parked domains on a single screen. The software will display the content that is contained[…]

Domain Names-Trademarks-Copyrights–How To Protect Intellectual Property

With ongoing controversies concerning music downloads, pirated movies and plagiarized fiction always making the news, the phrase “intellectual property” is heard on almost a daily basis. But because it covers such a variety of creative products, the average person is hard pressed to articulate the differences between patents, trademarks and copyrights. Fortunately, there are a[…]