Digital Audio Radio Network Construction And Application – Digital Audio Networks, Switches, Hard

Abstract: According to the Shaoyang Radio digital audio network system applications, from digital audio network technology base, system configuration, system processes, system functionality and system features such as a detailed introduction to the network construction and applications, digital audio network system covers the radio edit, produce and broadcast all aspects, enabling broadcast quality audio acquisition, non-linear editing programs, network resources, centralized management and network broadcast.

With the development of digital technology, using digital processing of audio signals has become a radio speech processing an inevitable trend, content storage, production, digital audio broadcast in one network has been adopted by many radio stations. The concept of the network completely broke past a tape recorder, an editor system, a broadcast system, the traditional structure, but replacing recording station, pipeline stations and broadcast stations in the process, easy operation and management. Program recording, program formulation and broadcast stations in the different functions to complete, can be doubled improve efficiency.

A system technology base Server as the main audio system, give full play to the advantages of hard disk storage, tape recorders and other equipment to avoid a failure due to the impact of broadcast, give full play to the superiority of multi-channel resource sharing, easily among the various programs compilation series broadcast and various spots, time control and management between the broadcast to show the form of compressed files stored in the hard disk, you can save up without distortion, all the programs from the production, editing upload port, which simplifies production from to the broadcast workflow, helping improve the work efficiency. Massive hard drive storage technology, networking technology is the digital audio network technology base.

(1) hard disk storage mode In this system, the RAID mirrored backup hard drive kept out. Cases of redundant array of independent disks RAID (RedundantArrayofIndependent

Disks) technology is the computer’s SCSI technology, developed on the basis, and can be composed of a number of hard disk controller with a large capacity, fast response, high reliability storage subsystems, from the user to see as a logical drive or the virtual disk, which greatly improves data transfer rate and storage capacity, while using error correction technology to increase storage reliability.

RAID-1, also known as “mirroring”, that is fully replicated by double disk method to protect data, prevent data loss caused by hard disk failures and system interruptions, the 100% data redundancy can be achieved fast recovery. Of full image backup, and high reliability.

(2) Network Technology Audio compression file as a small amount of data, high speed data transmission, on the computer bus and network bandwidth pressure is relatively small, so using the Ethernet network system set up digital audio, and Ethernet is the most current mature network, system management is perfect, the price is relatively low, so the system uses Ethernet.

2, system Shaoyang Radio consider the actual situation, the system consists of three recording stations, three program pipeline station, two sets of broadcast stations, 108GB

SCSI disk array fault tolerance of a network server and a 24-port Ethernet switch (Switch) component. The network structure shown in Figure 1.

Three workstations are connected to a recording mixer, mixer and CD, MD, DAT, deck, opening machine, microphones and other peripherals connected to the workstation through the application of software to record audio into a sound file, it with recording, fade in, fade out, level adjustment, define / eliminate editing block, cut, paste, copy, insert, move, split, merge and so on. Recording workstation system configuration for the P / 500CPU, 128MB

RAM, 15GB hard drive, 17 ‘color display, PCX11 + playback card, 100mb / s card.

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