Routers And Switches And Network Performance

End users expect to be able to log into their computers and get all of the software and network speed they need to do their jobs. There’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes that most end users will never know about or even care to know.

IT professionals and business owners need to be concerned with the things that go on behind the curtain. To keep employees working, customers purchasing and the business operating it takes a network that is performing well on a consistent basis.

To keep any network performing well it takes a whole host of hardware and software solutions. Some of the hardware that is essential to a network is routers and switches. These are two of the pieces of equipment that need to be set up and configured correctly to maintain top network speeds.

These devices control what kind of data hits the network and what kind of traffic is blocked. It’s important to understand how crucial routers and switches are to network performance.

Keeping a network performing at top speeds requires full time attention. Routers and switches don’t necessarily have to be baby-sat once they are configured, but they do need to be monitored and tweaked from time to time.

Having the right routers and switches on your network coupled with professional networking engineers who understand the needs of your network is crucial to your company’s computer network. You don’t have to be one of these professionals to get a basic grasp on routers and switches, though; here is some helpful information to get you started.

Routers and Switches – What are Their Job Roles?

Routers and switches control the flow of traffic on your network. If all the data that hits your network on a daily basis were to simply hit the wire without the intervention of routers and switches disaster would be imminent. Routers live up to their name by routing traffic to the network segments, or sub-nets that they need to reach.

Coupled with switches in this task routers ensure that no rogue data packets float around the network to clog up traffic. They also reduce broadcast messages so that the only PCs that receive a message are the ones that are intended to by the sending machine.

There is intense technology going on in the circuitry of routers and switches. The end result of all this technology is a network that moves data quickly and efficiently.

Reduction in Network Chatter

There are a lot of applications that access the internal network to exchange information. There are email messages, IM sessions, print jobs and web requests that move through your network on a constant basis. Routers and switches keep these applications and other networked devices from incessant chattering.

When applications send out too many unnecessary messages it can quickly clog up a network. Routers and switches help to keep this network chatter to a minimum and keep bandwidth free for necessary network connectivity.

By keeping network traffic flows to the correct places and minimizing network chatter, your routers and switches do their part to keep your network running at peak efficiency. For communications to be successful, there must be rules that are followed. Routers and switches enforce network rules to ensure the best connectivity and speeds.

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