CAn you save money with a Console Switch?

The console switch is a computer hardware device that allows a network administrator access to the servers in a company from a single location.  This access is gained using one monitor, keyboard and mouse.  Switches can be controlled both remotely as well as locally.   The maximum number of servers that can be controlled by one eight port switch is sixty-four.  Very large networks with multiple servers (more than sixty-four) may require more than one switch.  In these very large systems, the cost of a switch that will allow access to all the servers on the network can become very expensive.
What does a Console Switch Cost

Even a single console switch and server can require a large upfront outlay of cash.  With a moderate size network, adding just the server and switch may set your company back anywhere from two to six thousand dollars.  The size of the network and other factors will determine the actual cost.  Due to the high initial investment for purchase and installation, many business owners and managers may be concerned about the cost verses benefit of the console switch.  Once the device is installed, many companies start to realize that benefits do outweigh the cost of installation.  It only takes a short time to regain the initial outlay in the benefits provided using the new service.
Benefits to the Network

Your entire network will benefit from the interconnections made through the console switch.  Installing the switch allows remote access to each computer that is networked.  Networks that spread across several floors or one or more buildings will see a time savings as the network administrator is able to do most of his work without ever leaving his desk.  Each individual computer can now be accessed from one central location by use of the console switch and console server.  As problems can be diagnosed without traveling to the actual machine, both the administrator and the IT personnel save many employee hours each year that would normally be spent traveling from one computer to another to solve problems.  The only travel is when there is a physical problem with a machine.
The Bottom Line On Console Switches

Businesses running more that four servers find that the console switch is a worthwhile investment.  Saving time for the network administrator is a frugal idea in most cases.  By saving time, the workload is lowered and can save several man-hours.  Even businesses with very large networks find that one administrator is sufficient if the travel time is lowered by allowing the administrator toe access each computer from the same console.  This often allows a company to operate with one or more less high salaried employees.  The cuts in payroll cost can quickly pay for the console switch and the necessary

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