Cisco C 2960 Specials


The WS-C2960-48TT-L switches on layer 2 offer much more comprehensive ease of use, highly secure
business transactions, durability and limitless networking experience. Cisco
Catalyst 2960-S flex include new Cisco switch stack piles of 1 and 10 Gigabit
and Power over Ethernet Plus with Cisco Catalyst 2960 that provide Fast Ethernet
connectivity and access capabilities over Ethernet. Cisco Catalyst 2960-S and
2960, fixed-configuration access switches designed for businesses, middle
market, and branch office networks to provide lower TCO.
What’s new in the
Catalyst 2960-S-Series Switches LAN software is the following: ten and one
Gigabit Ethernet uplink flexibility of Small Form Factor Pluggable Plus, which
provides business continuity and rapid transition to 10 Gigabit, 24 Ethernet
ports or 48 Gigabit Ethernet desktop connectivity. Cisco 40-Gbps stacking module
FlexStack, ease of use is a simplified configuration and updates automatically,
PoE + up to 30W per port that allows you to support the latest PoE + capable
equipment, Power supply options, with 740W and 370W fixed power PoE switches
available, USB memory backup data distribution and features simplified. Also has
a wide range of software features to provide ease of use, very secure business,
sustainable development and unlimited online experience.

FlexStack stacking a
hot-swappable module and Cisco IOS software provides a real stack, all switches
in a stack are to act as a single switching unit. The Cisco FlexStack provides a
unified data plan, a single management, unified IP address configuration for a
group of switches. The advantages of a true cell are lower total cost of
ownership through simplified management and higher availability. FlexStack
supports the entire stack, including EtherChannel, FlexLink SPAN and Technology.
A cell module can be added to any Cisco Catalyst 2960-S with LAN Base software
to quickly upgrade the switch to be able to stack, and switch added to the stack
will be updated to the correct version of Cisco IOS software and be
transparently a member of the stack. In addition to PoE 802.3af.
switches support Power over Ethernet Plus (IEEE 802.3at standard), which
provides up to 30W power per port
switches can provide less total cost of ownership for facilities that include
Cisco IP phones, Cisco Aironet wireless LAN access points (WLAN) or IEEE 802.3af
end device. PoE eliminates the need of wall power to be connected to each PoE
device and eliminates the cost for electrical wiring and additional circuitry
that would be required in IP phone and WLAN deployments.

Experiences edge
is only possible with an intelligently designed network structure to create
global workspace. Network Access is a major component of this architecture,
which allows unlimited online services such as mobility, safety, durability and
ease of increasing productivity and operational efficiency. When the network is
intelligent, it knows the identity of users, and where specifically that user is
online. And you know what is the connection to automatically provision the
network QoS and delivery. It will be service-aware in order to optimize the user
experience. Only with access to the intelligent network, the company can go to
the edge safely and honestly. Your company can save energy, streamline
operations to improve business efficiency, and it is optimized for better total

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