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HC intelligent home network Recently, the reporter learned from the China Light Industry Federation, hosted by “smart materials technology in the washing machine on joint research and application of” scientific and technological achievements appraisal meeting held in Qingdao, Shandong. At the meeting, the company is demonstrating self-developed Internet of things washing machine and use it to accept home appliances from China Association of Chinese appliance Research Institute, the Consumers Association and other experts and scholars from 11 units in the authority of the new product identification. In the end, the experts reached a consensus on Internet of things washing machine technology, and concluded that Haier washing machines for the Internet of things “the world’s first international leader.”

Meeting, participants heard expert technical work done by Haier washing machine reports, technical studies, Search Report, etc., and to review the relevant information, through the questions, answering, on the innovation of Haier washing machines Internet of things were concluded, and that automatically identify the product to achieve the grid load, detergent category, clothing fabric quality, water quality and the dirt dirt, home utilities management, online shopping, etc, In addition, the wash ratio, water, power saving, it is also better than similar products, in a leading position, is real property networking washing products.

It is understood that Internet of things washing machine in the “automatic identification technology” on the performance of the main advantages: First, using network identification technology, automatic identification of network load, electricity information, at any time adjust the washing process and the start time to avoid the use of peak power, energy conservation; Second, through automatic identification detergent category, water hardness, washing clothing and weight information, automatically determine and adjust the amount of detergent in the running, select the most appropriate washing procedures to achieve the best wash results; Third Automatic identification of clothing fabric without the need to judge which of different clothing fabrics can choose the best mode of washing, water saving, care of clothing.

The same time, reporters also learned things from the network side of Haier washing machines of other unique features. For example users can pay directly through the washing machine for the home, utilities, easy on the home network management utilities; online shopping without leaving home, and supermarkets, stores, mall and other platform network interconnection, users can buy the supermarket detergents, clothes shopping , and network appliances in the mall; specially designed weather capabilities, but also allows users to anticipate “the appropriate time for laundry.”

In addition, the Internet of things run the washing machine also has the product information message prompts, the operation of the washing process the information, washing machine will automatically send text messages to designated mobile phone users to keep abreast of laundry process; a variety of entertainment features enable users to the laundry the same time, listen to music, browse photos, watch videos, etc … …

The face of the world’s first Internet of things washing born, former Deputy Secretary-General Wu Gaohan China Consumer Association, said: “For enterprises, the most difficult thing is to meet future consumer demand, Haier launched the world’s first thing this networked washing machine, is to show consumers the future of laundry a kind of advanced life, to meet consumer demand for the next laundry life. things networking technology, will give consumers lives completely changed the laundry, washing effect is will be a great upgrade, which also shows the business to consumer a highly responsible attitude. “

As the world’s No. 1 brand, Haier washing machines on the Internet of things in the field of the first to send power to the washing machine industry has brought the dawn of the networking process materials, but also to fill gaps in the industry in this field. However, expert analysis, Internet of things of life go hand in hand to achieve is the result of many industries. Such as the use of grid electricity supply industry needs to achieve information exchange efforts, and automatic identification technology is also on the clothing fabric made new demands, clothes washing needs identified include the appropriate information into the electronic tag.

Now, things networking related industry development and application of still immature, but the Internet of things calls for development of the industry pioneers, the first thing in the Haier washing machines came after the network, so we look forward to washing machines and other related industry sectors to join in. together to promote the Internet of things industry.

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