How to Switch Your Dog to Raw Food

You already know that feeding your dog raw food is the one of best things that you can do for it. You may know of all the benefits that it brings for your dog. The only problem is that you’re not too sure how to actually go from feeding your dog the usual food it eats to raw food since it be very different from the kind of food your dog is used to. There’s no need to worry since many other dog owners experience this kind of problems when it comes switching a dog to raw food.

There are three common ways to switch dog to raw food. The first one is to go cold turkey and just make the sudden change. By doing this you don’t try to transition your dog, you just stop feeding them their current dog food and present them with the raw (new) food. One thing that you should keep in mind when making this type of change is to make sure that there is no commercial dog food around or made available to your dog. If this happens then your dog may not take on to the food that you are giving it and just look for more commercial dog food.

The second approach to switching is by transition or a slow introduction of raw food. Owners who use this method will usually start out using a single type of ground meat and some vegetables. This is mixed with the current dog food that your dog is taking. You can reduce the amount of commercial dog food you give since there will be raw food. You can continue to reduce the amount of kibble and increase the amount of unprocessed food, making use of chopped meat over ground meat over time. Such a transition will usually last anywhere from seven to ten days with your dog successfully eating raw, unprocessed food by the end of this time period.

The third and last type of switch is done through fasting. Fasting can help get rid of any leftover commercial dog food in your dog’s body. To do this you can either choose not to feed your dog for one day or feed it a special diet for about four days. Starts off by giving your dog less the amount of commercial dog food you usually give it plus meat and vegetables. Then give it only broth or water the following day. On the third day, you will still want to give it liquids but add some solid food such as meat and vegetables to that. Finally on the fourth day you can give it all raw, unrefined food.

You can choose any method that you feel comfortable with when you go from feeding your dog commercial dog food to raw, unprocessed food. The most important thing is that you are going for a healthy alternative when you switch your dog to raw.

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