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According to authoritative advisory body to the United States predicted that by 2020, things networking industry, 30 times greater than the Internet. In China, Internet of things have been officially listed as national new strategic industry-related research and development applications are expected to enter the fast lane.

The development of Internet of Things lies in the RF tags, sensors, embedded software and data transmission and computing. Expert Prediction, early stage, infrastructure providers face greater opportunities, investors can pay close attention to the field to grasp the core Internet of things Technology Company.

“Intelligent Earth” communications business for over one trillion
For most people, the Internet of things is still a relatively new concept. The English name for the Internet of Things “TheInternetofThings”, that “things are connected to the Internet.”

According to experts explain the concept of Internet of things is through radio frequency identification (RFID), infrared Inductor , Global positioning system, laser scanners and other information sensing equipment to connect to any goods and the Internet, information exchange and communication, in order to achieve intelligent identify, locate, track, Monitor And management of a network.

Internet of Things, also known as “smart Earth”, things and things between the intelligent, the equivalent of remote control. You can set the network and “once and for all.” If the building materials used in networking, air conditioning, lights and so the computer can be used to precisely control, switch, in order to achieve Energy ; You set the automatic vacuum cleaner after every Monday, every Monday, you work in the office, your vacuum cleaner will automatically work at home, clean your house was spotless; you can in the office, through the computer open house ventilation window … …

1995, the Bill? Gates in the “future” mentioned in the “Internet of things”, but the new concept at that time did not cause too much concern. 1999, held in the U.S. mobile computing and network of international Meeting Proposed sensor network is the next century humanity faces another opportunity for development, which is the prototype of the concept of Internet of things.

2005 11 17, held in Tunis World Summit on the Information Society, International Telecommunication Union ( IT U) released the “ITU Internet Report 2005: Internet of Things”, formally proposed the concept of Internet of things, pointed out that the era of ubiquitous communications coming Internet of things. According to ITU’s report, Internet of things means that all the world’s objects, from tires to toothbrushes, from housing to the tissue can be active through the Internet to “exchange”, without human intervention.

Authoritative advisory body FORRESTER predicted the United States, 2020, the Property of the world’s Internet business, the business communications with people, compared to 30 to 1, meaning that things networking industry, 30 times greater than the Internet. Therefore, the “Internet of things” is called is the next one trillion of the communications business.

The Internet of Things in the country’s development prospects, the CAS Shanghai Institute of Microsystem and Information Technology Director Lin Feng pointed out that the Internet of things will be passed on to every industry and every corner of social life, changing industry structure and economic growth, affected, inter-industry penetration, integration will continue.

Our high-profile communications network to meet the material time
Internet of Things is the second computer, Internet and mobile communication network after the third wave of the world information industry, has now been officially listed as China’s national five emerging strategic industries.

Premier Wen Jiabao in his government work report clearly pointed out: “This year should strive to foster a strategic new industries. To the development of new energy, new materials, environmental protection, biological medicine, information networks and high-end manufacturing industries. Actively promote the new energy vehicles, ‘triple play’ integration of substantive progress, speed up Internet of things R & D applications. to increase investment in new industries of strategic and policy support. “

The EU and Japan have already made things networking strategy, South Korea has proposed a similar strategy last year, my Government has also proposed to increase the network’s construction materials. The previous years, the state Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Science, Industry and Information Ministry and other related departments are supporting a number of RFID (electronic tags), sensor networks and smart sensors project, Golden Card Project also initiated a number of RFID industry (local) application of the pilot project, but most of the main application project is closed-loop applications, large-scale application is still in its infancy.

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