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Did not expect this year’s 517 will Wuxi, things the forefront of network development, to participate in the State Council Development Research Center and organized by the Ministry of Industry and the research sessions at three major carriers and the leadership of Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications Institute of Wuxi. The concept of Internet of Things can be said to be in full swing in China, including women and children in Wuxi is nearing a. Developing countries in the Internet of Things is also extremely concerned that this research will, is to formulate policies and second Five-Year Plan for different views, a brief summary of the contents of the meetings made statements.

1, on the future of networking thing whether you believe or not believe Ye Hao, physical network has risen to the national will, nine to the Standing Committee of Sa, there are other programs, you say what this means? Countries now realize that in Communicate In the field, we do not lag behind foreign companies than a lot of opportunities to at least catch up, like TD, as also the last, and information technology is one such feature, always constantly improve the optimization of business, chances are erupted in drop down also come up with a ZTE, China Why the; other advanced provinces face industrial relocation and to find new growth, Wuxi is a demonstration model.

Second, personnel, standards, its own intellectual property is the current situation in Wuxi floor, there are places no one, no money; the Government of the park property affects the role of economics to play extremes. But the plan are not affecting the overall industry, building the core. Local 530 plans can be described as well-paid, but the talent, and with the project had settled, but found that even hire a relevant professional staff may not have, the introduction of talent, bringing the technology, but lack of people, is missing in the chain and the market. High-tech and repairer, shoe not the same, there are migrant workers, there is the introduction of overseas production line, into the steel, cloth, out of the Car , Clothing . Knowledge and capital-intensive development model appears to the domestic industry officials do not meet, they need to go to Silicon Valley was investigated.

Internet of Things technology, domestic and foreign concerns not the same, preferring to mention domestic demonstration projects and projects (or shaft-like), after all, the Standing Committee were able to able to read, people will understand; abroad is more concerned about the overall architecture and system planning (level of common platforms and core technology), does not need to understand leadership, the experts can understand. Standards have no specific timetable for progress, let alone and to overseas standards first competition, the domestic current on the noise of the exhilaration, the three operators, radio and television, the country Home Appliances Net, Chinese Academy of Sciences said their own future, are the boss do not give Nature all this really hard to uniform standards. No security in and outside should be busy movement, the standard battle started from the inside. Needless to say things of intellectual property rights, property rights protection is a market-driven, when the Internet of things just stop at a time when the concept of intellectual property that is the emperor’s clothes.

Three things repeated interconnection network building materials in China is becoming the political significance of the great works, only success can not fail. Wuxi fired the first shot, the other provinces and cities have begun to have started to follow suit, enclosure, Gailou, investment promotion is nothing new, this case was from the same zone; and then one more redundant construction industry, the a lake management issues, Environmental protection Bureau, Water Conservancy Bureau, Taihu Lake Committee, a letter to the power authority … are in Taihu Lake in fabric sensor network, afraid of the future of Taihu Lake in the sensor nodes more than the fish is to become the largest pollution; the same thing also occurs in the ground, monitoring system on the same section, a city management, and public security, traffic management, and Security , The camera cloth everywhere, China’s GDP is well known that under the pull in the high-tech; repeat, we have never refused to repeat, as the experts see the hand of the assessment project in addition to smart or intelligent medical care, in addition to Smart Home Or the smart home, experts tears. Hall where each model, plus several radio and television operators, state power to see things are not too bad, it is estimated they have Shenmeipilao the Standing Committee. PS: the leadership of the State Council, said duplication is very good for competition, you see the three big three network operators are not very good, I did not faint on the spot!

4, operators of the Internet of things to say the absence of attention, attention to the three operators, China Mobile’s M2M, wireless urban development; Unicom directly to the establishment of two departments, integration of resources and the main control materials engineering laboratory network; Telecom Wuxi center set up Internet of Things, product R & D center, engineering center.

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