Managed Switches Can Be Managed

LAN switch is the most important networking equipment, mostly in the local area network management involves the management of the switch. However, many network switches on the network configuration can be also very strange that today we will talk about what is available network switches.

One, what is the Managed Switches

By the possibility of network management, switches, network switches and can not be divided into network switches. The difference between the two switches where? Not network switch can not be managed, where management is the implementation of control through the management port switch port, divided VLAN, Trunk ports and other management functions set. The network switch can be managed, it has a port monitor, such as division of VLAN switches do not have many common features.

A switch is not a network switch, you can tell from the appearance out. Managed the front or back of the switch has a serial or parallel port normally, through the serial cable or parallel cable to connect the switch and computer, so easy to set up.

Second, can the management of network switches

Managed switches can be managed in several ways: through the RS-232 serial port (or parallel port) management, through a web browser management, through the network Management Software Management.

1. Through the serial port management

Managed switch with a serial cable for switch management and use. Plug one end of the first serial port cable serial port on the switch on the back, the other end inserted in the computer serial port in general. Then connect the switches and computer Power supply . In both Windows98 and Windows2000 in providing a “super terminal” program. Open the “super terminal” in setting the connection parameters, you can interact via a serial cable and switches (Figure 1).

This way does not occupy the bandwidth of the switch, so called “band management.”

In this management, the switch provides a menu-driven console interface or command line interface. You can use the Tab key or arrow keys to move the menu and sub menu, press the Enter key to perform the appropriate command, or use a dedicated switch manage manage switch command set. Different brands of switches command set is different, and even the same brand of switch, the command is also different.

2. Through the Web Management Managed switches can

Web (Web browser) to manage, but to switch to specify an IP address. In addition to the IP address used for the management of the switch, there is no other purposes. By default, the switch is not IP addresses, serial or otherwise, must specify a IP address, to enable such management.

Use web browser management switch, the switch is equivalent to a Web server, but its pages are not stored in the hard drive inside, but inside the switch NVRAM, NVRAM through the program can upgrade inside the Web program. When the administrator in the browser, enter the IP address of the switch, the switch as a server as the web is passed to the computer, then you feel like, like visiting a Web site (Figure 2).

This way will occupy the bandwidth of the switch, so called “in-band management.”

If you want to manage the switch, just click the corresponding Web page features, and in the text box or drop-down list to change the switch parameters on it. Web management for the LAN in this way can be carried out, so you can use it to remotely manage.

3. Through the network management software

Can all follow the SNMP network management switch protocol (Simple Network Management Protocol), SNMP protocol is a set of international standards Network equipment Regulation.

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