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Third, China’s development of several advantages of Internet of things
First, my back in 1999 launched the Internet of things on the core of sensor network technology, research and development level in the forefront of the world; second, the field of sensor network in the world, China is a standard one of the leading patent ownership is high ; Third, China is able to achieve a complete industrial chain of Internet of things one of the countries; Fourth, China’s wireless communications networks and broadband coverage high, the development of materials provides a solid network of infrastructure support; Fifth, China has the world’s third largest economy, a more solid economic strength to support the development of Internet of things.

Fourth, the use of Internet of things
Internet of Things widely used all over the intelligent transportation, environmental protection, government, public safety, peace Home , Intelligent fire, industrial monitoring, elderly care, personal health, floriculture, water monitoring, Food Origin of the enemy detection and intelligence gathering and other fields.

International Telecommunication Union in 2005, a report has described “Internet of things” picture of the times: When the drivers to operate vehicles will automatically alarm when errors; Briefcase will remind the owner forgot something; clothes will “tell” washing machine on the color and temperature requirements and so on.

“Internet of Things” came before the idea has been the physical infrastructure and IT infrastructure separately: one is the airport, roads, buildings, and the other is the data center, personal computers, broadband and so on. In the “Internet of Things” era, reinforced concrete, cable and chip integrated into a unified broadband infrastructure, in this sense, infrastructure is more like a new earth site, the operation of the world were in on it, which including economic management, production operation, social management and even personal life.

5, to carry out steps Internet of things in practice carried out on the need for the participation of all walks of life, and the need for national government-led and relevant regulations and policies on the support, Internet of things of which it has in scale, broad participation, management, technical, and material characteristics of the property, etc., in which technical problems are the most critical issues Internet of things, none of the domestic companies fully responsible for the entire network system planning materials and construction, theoretical studies have been launched in all walks of life, The practical application is restricted to within the industry.

General, Internet of things the main steps in carrying out the following:
(1) identify the attributes of objects, properties, including static and dynamic attributes, static attributes can be directly stored in the tag, dynamic properties need to start with real-time detection sensor;

(2) identification of equipment required to complete the reading object attributes, and information into a data format suitable for network transmission;

(3) the object of information through the network transmission to the information processing center (processing center may be distributed, such as home computers or mobile phones, it could be centralized, such as China Mobile, IDC), the processing center calculation of the completion of the relevant object communication.

“Long-term Scientific and Technological Development (2006-2020)” and “next-generation broadband mobile wireless communications network,” both major projects will be included in key research areas of sensor networks. China’s current level of R & D technology in the world, Chinese Academy of Sciences 10 years ago started the sensor network research, has invested 100 million yuan, China and Germany, the United States, Britain, and South Korea together as an international standard-setting One of the major countries.

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