SaaS Take Aways

There are a number of benefits to be gained from the SaaS platform for both small business and individual users and this article reveals the “Take Aways” and the best of the reasons/benefits for switching to a SaaS solution for your software needs.

Ø Anytime Anywhere Access:

One of the greatest advantages of SaaS Application is the freedom it provides you in terms of where and when you choose to work or access the application data stored. It’s the providers business to deliver seamless access of application to their clients anytime, anywhere increasing the overall productivity .Also the service provider ensures that the data is safer than it would be if it was to be stored on your computer.

Ø  Automatic Upgrades:

One will always have the latest version whenever you access your SaaS applications, because there is always only one version available all time.  This also means that the service provider is capable of quickly making changes within matter of hours if an error is found d in the software without causing any impact to your business.

Ø  Cost Effectiveness:

We know that finding the right solution also means finding one that makes economic sense for your business. With SaaS model deployment, software is subscribed and not purchased; therefore expenses are not front loaded (Zero Capex) and are made up of predictable monthly fees. The biggest cost savings actually come from the reduction in manpower and the IT resources (servers, databases etc) required maintaining the applications in-house. There are also considerable savings from other areas such as reduced or no implementation, upgradations costs.

Ø  Customizable Interface:

Leveraging the power of Software as a Service (SaaS), you can customize IT to fit your business, rather than fitting your business to what the software can provide. The ability to modify functionality and processes in SaaS applications are more quickly and in a more iterative way than the traditional software model and specifically tailored to meet your preferences. This also means that the Business can operate more efficiently, and align their process strategically to seize more competitive advantage.



Ø  Not Platform Specific:

It does not matter whether the computer you are using runs on MAC, windows or Linux, as long as you are able to use a browser and access the internet then you can use the SaaS application. One can access the application with a fewer clicks. The majority of SaaS applications are not browser specific .This also makes it far easier to switch platforms if one desires.

 Overall, SaaS model offers you rapid deployment, enterprise-class functionality and reliability, all-inclusive maintenance and upgrades, and a reduced burden on your IT resources — all at a low subscription price. These are huge knock-on effects of adopting SaaS solutions,. Software as a Service (SaaS) is the future of business application software, Empower your business by adopting SaaS applications.

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