San Antonio Attractions

The River Walk is the most popular of all the San Antonio attractions and was conceived in 1929 by Robert Hugman as a solution to the flooding problems faced by the city. Since this area is picturesquely dotted with innumerable restaurants, shops and nightclubs amidst fountains and Cypress trees, it is the favorite destination of the people and is particularly crowded during the time of the festivals.

The Alamo is the most important historic site in the list of San Antonio attractions because it played an instrumental role in Texas’s fight for freedom from Mexico. Although the fort was originally established as the Mission San Antonio del Valero, it acted as a vantage point for the Texan army during the War of Independence due to which it is still deeply revered by the forthcoming generations.

The Tower of the Americas stands at a height of 750 feet and was built in 1968 as a part of the World Fair’s preparation. This tower is one of the most popular San Antonio attractions due to its glass walled elevators and an observation deck and is symbolic of the progress made by mankind ever since the inception of civilization.

The Ripley’s Believe It Or Not! Museum also serves as the Plaza Theatre of Wax among the San Antonio attractions because it houses wax mannequins of heroes, celebrities and fictional characters which resemble the originals so closely that they can scare anyone from any age group. Apart from wax representations of Jim Carrey, Dracula and Frankenstein this museum also has an underground cellar which features some of the weirdest items in this world.

The Steves Homestead is the former residence of an eminent citizen of the city named Edward Steve and is a historical masterpiece which must be included in the list of San Antonio attractions. This Victorian mansion was built in 1876 and apart from the antiques and the historical architecture it features the first indoor swimming pool of the city located behind the house within a building.

The Spanish Governor’s Palace is considered to be the most beautiful building among all the San Antonio attractions which served as the residence of the Governor in the late eighteenth century when Texas was a province of Spain. The building is a historical landmark and attempts to showcase the architectural style prevalent in those days characterized by small rooms, low ceilings and thick stucco walls. In addition, there is a cobblestone patio, a fountain as well as the original keystone which graces the entrance of the building.

The San Antonio Botanical Garden is spread over 33 acres of land and is considered to be the most exquisite of the San Antonio attractions because it is home to a conservatory, formal gardens, old fashioned gardens and native plants all of which are a delight to botany experts as well as gardening enthusiasts.

The Basilica of the National Shrine of the Little Flower is one of the San Antonio attractions which are well known for their architectural beauty and also as venues for hosting colorful events pertaining to the Christian community in the city. This church also holds the distinction of being declared as a minor basilica, an honor which is granted to very few churches in America.

The Freeman Coliseum is an American version of a coliseum which features in the list of San Antonio attractions because it hosts sporting events like wrestling matches and hockey, musical concerts, car shows, religious ceremonies as well as hunting and fishing expeditions.

The Charline McCombs Empire Theatre was the largest theatre in the city when it was inaugurated in 1913 and is a must among the San Antonio attractions because it is a well known venue for holding seminars, conferences, Broadway Shows and performing arts within an exquisitely designed building.

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