San Sebastian

A Basque City

San Sebastian is the city is Spain that is also known as Donostia. The location of the city is what attracts tourists: along a bay with white sand beaches and between two high hills, Igeldo and Urgull. The special allure of the city comes from the coquette house owned by fishermen, and from its modern districts. One of the most beautiful cities on the coats of Cantabria hosts the Museum of San Telmo, the Comb of the Winds, and the Kursaal. These are both old and new elements of the city, but they blend perfectly, making it very attractive. The capital of a region that both has seas and mountains, San Sebastian offers to the tourist’s eye spectacular views that charm and nourish the soul.

The Basque Old Town

San Sebastian is a city where the influence of the Basque region is strongly felt. The streets of the Old Town have a spectacular view towards the La Concha Bay, so in addition to the historical monuments that are worth sightseeing, nature offers a wonderful spectacle to the tourist that wonders on the streets of San Sebastian. It is also in the Old Town that you can find the Comb of the Winds, an outstanding sculpture created by Eduardo Chillida. Historical and ecclesiastical monuments, San Vicente and San Maria del Coro Cathedrals are worth visiting. If you want to see a dominical monument, San Telmo Museum is the perfect place. The former Dominican convent now hosts archeological and ethnographical collections, as well as paintings belonging to the greatest painters of all times. If you want to change the register, go to the Gros Beach. Here you will find the Kursaal building, a wonderful example of modern construction, which fits perfectly into the landscape without ruining it.


If you really want to feel that you are in the Basque region, take a tour of the local cuisine. Travel through cuisine into one of the most famous provinces in Spain, and in the world. The Basque cuisine is famous for its special flavors and for the huge number of original dishes. If you like fish, you can go to Guipuzcoa. It is situated next to the beach, so you can also sunbathe. In addition to that, you will have the possibility to taste one of the most delicious dishes containing fish. Hoping that you have decided to visit the region, I wish you: Have a nice, relaxing holiday!!!

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