Switching To A Different Network Was Never That Easy?

Soon you would be able to experience an Apple iphone with a SIM-card in it. That doesn’t mean that the mobile phone would be available with onle network only and you would not be able to go the mobile phone network of your own choice, well heres the catch, Apple iphone is coming up with a new technology which they will be using with their mobile phones. Yes the handset would be available with an attached SIM but you would be allowed to choose you network, and would be able to switch to a different network without getting into hassles of switching a SIM cards.

According to GigaOM’s sources inside European carriers, “Apple is working on the project with SIM-card manufacturer Gemalto. Apparently, the aim is to reduce the role of operators in the process of purchasing and using an iPhone”.

The process of buying an iphone would be the same, simply buy your apple iPhone from a website and choose the service provider you want to go for. or buy your apple iphone from apple store.

Once your apple iPhone is activated, you’d be able to change network with an ease, with the help of app or iTunes, to take the advantage of a deal, without swapping to network specific SIM cards.

Ultimately, soon swapping between the networks will be so easily that might force the mobile phone operators to become more competitive and end up offering a much better deals.

The best part, r u traveling abroad, and want to take your apple iphone with you, but are worried about the same SIM swapping problem, then go through it once.

if you are planning to take your apple iPhone with you to abroad, even then you dont have to change/swap the SIM cards to change networks, as you would be able to do it with the help of your own apple iphone. Once you are in abroad you can use a local network, which would result cheaper than paying for the international roaming.

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