Complete Walk Through of Netgear Router Setup

Wireless routers provide you with a freedom which is hard to match in case you are still stuck with wired routers. They are devices that provide you with wireless internet access to multiple computers at one go. Be it a business or home environment, you can easily find a router from reputed names like Belkin, Netgear or Linksys to suit your needs and demands. However, whatever brand of router you may be using; there is always a need for Linksys router support or Netgear router support, as according to the router make to initially setup the device. Setting up a router is in fact not a hard thing to do and can be learnt easily, even by a complete novice. Step by Step Netgear Router Setup The following steps will eliminate the need for Netgear support which you may generally seek when you try to setup your Netgear router. The steps will take you from scratch to finally having wireless access in your home or office.

1. The first step requires you to fix a budget, decide on your demands and buy an appropriate router. You can check various websites and buy one from a website which offers the best deal.

2. Place the router centrally. Dissuade yourself from placing it at a corner as this will hamper the overall connectivity that you may receive within your home or office.

3. Set the router up and switch it on. It will take a bit of time before the power light finally turns on and remains as it is, without blinking.

4. Connect your designated computer to the router. This computer will act as the main server. You will now have to reboot the computer so that you get an IP address from the router through the Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol.

5. Open up Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox i.e. your internet browser and in the address bar type, and hit enter. You will now get a login screen demanding a username and password.

6. In the username category, put in admin and for the password, you can leave the field blank. If in case you have specified a password before, type in that.

7. Connect your internet connection cable with the WAN port of your router, generally located at the back of the router.

8. Place the CD provided with your router in the CD drive. Use the installation wizard to correctly install the router on your computer.

9. After successful installation, it is best to restart the computer and router. After they start again, you will have wireless connectivity.

The above steps would help you get Netgear support for your router, without you actually looking for external help. Netgear Router setup was never this easier with these instructions.

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