Network Attached Storage Meet the Needs of Today?s Growing Businesses

When small to mid-sized businesses, large corporations and educational and government organizations are in need of simple solutions to secure, store and serve data they turn to network attached storage (NAS) to meet their needs.

Network attached storage is defined as a server and OS that is optimized for allowing quick file access and diverse file sharing among different facilities. NAS allows for a high rate of availability, rapid file recovery, protection of data, easy management as well as data back-up and recovery. It is very beneficial to a business to use NAS when it is necessary to share files on different servers and PCs. NAS is commonly put to use for sending messages, developing apps and the general sharing of files.
The iscsi o internet small computer system interface is an IP-based storage networking standard which allows data to be linked between storage facilities. Scsi commands are carried over IP networks wherein iscsi is utilized to assist in the data transfers over intranet connections and to manage storage over long distances. How iscsi works is like this: When a user or app sends out a request, the OS generates the scsi command’s request for data. These commands and requests for data are then encapsulated and encrypted if necessary. Next the IP packets are sent via an ethernet connection. Data can also be returned in response to the original request due to the fact that iscsi is bi-directional.

Iscsi became a standard protocol nearly a decade ago. Most mid to large sized companies had adopted Fibre Channel as the network technology used to make the connection between their storage devices and their servers. However with time Iscsi sans became very popular among businesses working with Window-based files and app servers. Since it introduction, many IT experts had a lot of skepticism about iscsi san storage. Users were very hesitant to deploy iscsi in their data storage environments because they were worried about performance and thought that it could not be relied upon. But, most often those who had doubts were running older versions of iscis. The most up-to-date iscsi storage systems are very reliable and perform great. Nowadays the iscsi san is thought to be on a very competitive level with Fibre Channel sans.

NAS and iscsi solutions provide businesses with a simple yet very powerful platform to meet their high demand for data storage and file serving. It is important that industry standard components are used with these solutions because this makes installing and integrating much easier. These solutions will make for a much greater level of simplification in the way that companies secure, store and serve their data and they are scalable so that future needs can be met.

When choosing a provider of network attached storage and iscsi san solutions it is important to go with a firm that has many years worth of experience in computer hardware support and custom server designs. This will ensure that the most effective, simple and powerful platform is incorporated which adequately meet the needs of the company.

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