Speculation To The Floor How The Development Of Internet Of Things Need Long

2009 of things, is what we often say that the sensor network, started in the country started

Combustion Up, as the environment’s support for the Internet of Things, Internet of things as bamboo shoots after the rain began in the domestic fast “growth.” Premier Wen Jiabao’s government work report which “Internet of things” began to appear in public in the field of view. This means that the development of Internet of Things is not just a matter of self industrial upgrading, but rose to the strategy of national development. According to information, the state invested in 2020 for 3.86 trillion yuan of funds for R & D Internet of things.

Now, some Enterprise Has been the development of future information technology strategy to determine the “Internet of things” above. The information revolution in the field has a 15-year cycle of the law, so things have been perceived as a network, following the computer, Internet and mobile

Communicate After the global information network of the third wave of industry.

Internet of things we know the key to development or information technology, Internet of things is from information to intelligence enhancement. Identification device with a sensor IntelliSense information network system, through sensors, identification devices, and network management objects to connect to realize the information perception, recognition. The Internet of things now, or information based on the current stage

Technology Development. Each unit to do when a managed network is small, but when connecting numerous very large, the next 10 to 20 years, we transfer the technology, sensor technology could promote the birth of new technology.

Things networking opportunities and challenges Materials industry is ushering in an unprecedented networking opportunities, but also the integration of applications and further development challenges. According to statistics, Chinese Academy of Sciences micro-

Electronic Ye Tian-chun, director of property has been on the challenges that network, mainly in three aspects, first of all

Network Security . The Internet is a virtual world, to the Internet of things, the network could achieve real-world attacks

Information Security And crisis management will face even greater challenges. Second, control of computer viruses. Outbreak of the virus, we have no way out except to

Power supply Pull up, the damage to our interests. Technology to do well, the future security threats is very large. Third, individual rights and the corresponding laws and regulations to protect the integrity of the problem. If the Internet of things more and more, who rights management?

Internet of Things How long can ground?

Advisory body, according to authoritative forecasts that by 2020, things networking industry, 30 times greater than the Internet. In China, Internet of things have been officially listed as national new strategic industry-related research and development applications are expected to enter the fast lane.

In accordance with the law of the development of new industries, from the origin to enter the scale of the development of the concept of pre-need about ten years or so. China Internet of Things in the field through years of accumulated research, opportunities and challenges, select the appropriate entry field, select the appropriate entry point for enterprise and industry development top priority. However, the matter how long it takes networking to get better and more popular, from the Vice President of Intel China president Yang Syria has said in a press interview, physical network in the country specific “landing” time is very difficult to guess , then, according to the law of the emerging industry of view, the development of Internet of things will need years of development time?

From the current situation, the Chinese Internet of things are at the initial stage of industry chain, domestic manufacturers are to achieve a small-scale applications, such as the Pudong airport, anti-intrusion systems, parking systems, and some applications related to the Expo. Meanwhile, Internet of things at this stage of development is faced with some real technical problems, so the research needs of the Internet of things from the laboratory toward society and daily life, only to application-oriented in order to proceed from existing resources for technical research. Thus, Internet of things to really into the “ordinary family” take some time.

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