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Wireless network card Business users with data services and the massive demand for mobile office, mobile and China Unicom have stepped up efforts to promote the wireless business, through the creation of diversified packages to attract broadband users approach. Huawei, ZTE, etc. Digital and wireless terminal manufacturers have increased the research and development of wireless terminal products, the market is high-speed development trend.

From the wireless LAN market segmentation view, Huawei’s market share with 33.5% ahead, paying attention to China’s list of foreign brands Sony Ericsson followed with 11.1% share, after Huawei ranked second, free e rank Third, the share of 8.6%. In addition to our well-known brand, there are many small manufacturers to market a wireless network card contention, but because of technical limitations, not a big sales in the market. Another wireless network card design and beautiful features advanced technology applications, has become an important factor in consumers.

Wireless LAN market, industry prices remained low, and then promote the sales of wireless LAN rising dramatically. This is mainly constituted three reasons: First, notebook prices dropped substantially, a significant increase in laptop users, mobile business office users more and more demand for wireless network card up; Second, the wireless terminal manufacturers to increase wireless network card R & D efforts, using its own technology and has become the dominant cost advantages of scale, increased the popularity of wireless network card; Finally, the two operators, Mobile and China Unicom wireless Internet access and preferential tariff downward course policy, also contributed to the wireless Hot on the network card.

Market now mainly on China Mobile’s GPRS wireless network cards and China Unicom’s CDMA1X wireless network card. However, due to China Unicom’s “U-Net” can achieve transmission speeds of 153K, the moving speed higher than GPRS, so CDMA1X wireless technology in the possession of certain advantages. With the mobile GPRS-wide coverage area, has also been of concern to many consumers.

Market the wireless network card in addition to the traditional PCMCIA interface products, there are portable and easy to use USB interface products, and specifically for dual-core notebook products introduced gradually shaped into the mainstream population. In terms of product prices, GPRS CDMA wireless network card is more expensive than the current average price of 400 yuan, but its very stable price movements, generally will not be any major price fluctuations. As a mainstream CDMA wireless network card, the average market price of 500 yuan, the price is probably better products in the 700-800 or even higher, but generally about 500 products that can satisfy the daily needs of consumers.

Throughout the network equipment market, we can clearly see that all network equipment manufacturers to adjust to market strategy, wireless network with its own characteristics, destined to become the future direction of network development, so the wireless router products, more intense competition among manufacturers.

LINKSYS: The 54M mainstream LINKSYS WRT54G V4 version of the replacement from the V7 version, sales still, in February the price remained at around 485 a month, to June, prices fell to around 465 yuan price drop less. This product has two detachable antennas, signal strength, scope, performance and stability, has always occupied a 54M high-end user market.

To occupy low-end domestic market, LINKSYS specifically for the Chinese to build up a new wireless router appearance WRH54G, this product once listed by the majority of consumers prefer to great acclaim. Similar products on the sales of other brands also had a different extent. A slight change in price, now priced at 275 yuan.

LINKSYS also introduced the V2 version of the antenna of business travel with a wireless router WRT54GC, but the price much higher than the V1 version, the latest offer 340.

Recently, after following the WRT300N, but also offered a thousand dollars of high-quality 802.11N products WRT150N, currently quoted at 999 yuan.

NETGEAR (NETGEAR): As the main push of 54M NETGEAR WGR614 Wireless Router impressive sales, prices remain at around 240 yuan.

NETGEAR launched in early open-source can be independently programmed 54M wireless router KWGR614, this new style of wireless products is refreshing, which is the only wireless router NETGEAR router detachable antenna, dual antenna design, configuration high fashion look and occupied part of the high-end market.

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