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Smart switches are overkill for the edge, can all solve network congestion problems, whether to support VoIP, can substitute Firewall … … When the intelligent switch

gradual process towards the network edge, has been faced with various questions about the user. In fact, intelligent switches are possible, it has not.

The concept of intelligent switches appeared, he was given a lot of fabulous colors, as if all the network problems will be solved. Many users experienced. Com era ups and downs, the company has introduced the concepts lose interest. For the intelligent switch for a variety of questions to answer below.

Intelligent switches deployed at the network edge necessary to you? Whether it is a waste of talent?

With Enterprise Network applications in depth, all kinds of network traffic occupied a lot of bandwidth to the backbone is a big burden, and these kinds of flows are not all critical business traffic. For example, the common enterprise network FTP download is not the key to traffic flow, download files or programs in time delayed a few minutes, users will not have that great an impact, and if traffic is VoIP, or IP video traffic delay even a few seconds clock, the user will feel very uncomfortable; some other traffic such as Email, the importance of the above range between the two. Faced with such a wealth of applications, if the edge of the network does not distinguish between the important level for delivery points in the backbone will result in traffic congestion.

And, at the network edge is also necessary to restrict the broadcast traffic, can not let all the clients spread all broadcast traffic to the backbone, otherwise a serious broadcast storm.

This is the need to deploy intelligent edge switches in the network need, with the decline in the price of smart switches, smart switches, is no longer a luxury price than the traditional two-story switches only 30% -40% of you, from the increase performance point of view, this investment is worth it.

Deployment of intelligent switch, the previous network congestion problems plagued all resolved?

Intelligent network switches although able to classify the edge of the flow of processing to different priority levels, and can limit the broadcast traffic, but the intelligent switch is not a cure-all prescription, for different network congestion conditions, should be analyzed carefully , reach the right Solutions . For example, the HTTP server, if it appeared congestion in the network segment, you need to analyze the flow is due to broadcast storms caused by or caused by the volume of traffic. If the level of traffic broadcast storms or other causes, of course, intelligent switches can be configured properly to resolve this problem; If it is the simple HTTP visitors to its excessive, it can not simply by the priority level to deal with traffic problems, and needs upgrade the server to cope with the request for a visit.

Smart switches support VoIP applications?

Smart switches support QoS for VoIP applications is a good news, because the VoIP application for delay sensitive data, while in the previous traditional Ethernet, such applications are often in packet loss, delay phenomenon , packet loss or packet delay will seriously affect the quality of LAN-based telephone session. Smart switches can be based on IP address, physical port, protocol to identify the VoIP traffic, and then using 802.1p protocol for all VoIP traffic priority assigned. This ensures that even if the network used in high load condition, VoIP traffic can not break through the local area network architecture.

What smart switches support Network Security ? It can replace Fireproof Walls?

Network Security Problem in today’s networks, the focus of concern in one of the most. Intelligent switches have a lot of security enhancements, far more than the traditional two-story general switches in the network edge to enable intelligent switch, is conducive to the edge of the network began deployment and network security Prevention , The uncertainty out of infancy.

First, the smart switch uses ACL (Access Control List) to enhance security capabilities, access control list was originally only be used in core routers, intelligent switches are now has been extended to a. In the network, ACL only allows network managers to formulate network strategies for individual users or specific data flow control to allow or reject, but also can be used to enhance network security shielding.

In addition, security enhancements include Virtual Private Network VLAN, can limit between different VLAN is authorized to access; IP / MAC address binding feature can limit access to unauthorized users, terminal access controller access control system ( TACACS +) authentication can be focused, coordinated a large number of network equipment, access control, 802.1x access authentication mechanism, expand the tree to enhance the protection, port security enhancements are all isolated.

Although the smart switch with a certain security features, but it is not, after all special safety equipment, and the switch chip can not be occupied by the processing time to do a lot of security enhancements, the main purpose is to transmit data, so it is in the network is security enhancement equipment, and can not replace a dedicated firewall. In some small companies, has no budget to buy a firewall, you can temporarily use it for some security.

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