Why Choose Hughesnet Over Other Service Providers

The hughesnet is one of the leading companies in the field of ISPs and they have established as the best company making millions of customers around the world. They have been around for more than 30 years breaking new grounds from time to time. Now, they have come up with a revelation in the internet service broadband.

The internet used to be really slow with the dial up connection but with the introduction of broadband internet the internet speed improved and so the internet market for online buyers. Now, Hughes net rocks the world with the introduction of satellite broadband internet. The satellite connection works with the concept of IPoS (IP over Satellite), this is one of the technology on which hughesnet has worked so long. They have now managed to provide it to its customers at a very affordable price. Hughesnet has over 1.2 million customers and it has its distribution in over 85 countries.

The concept of satellite internet is that people around the world would like their internet to work fast and provide stability. The satellite internet can be implemented for a home based connection or an office network. The connection can be placed anywhere as there are no wires attached. The satellite dish would receive the signals for your internet which would be passed further on to the satellite modem. The satellite dish acts as an antenna for the transmission and reception of signals. The satellite dish is tested under extreme circumstances to make sure it works fine 365 days a year. To enhance your experience you can choose to add routers to your network. You can connect a router to the modem and work wireless from a number of computers or W/L devices like your Playstation, Iphone, W/L TV, etc.

The satellite connection has many advantages vover your cable or ADSL/DSL connection. The satellite connection allows you to work on your internet and also talk on the phone without disconnecting any of the connections. You do not have to worry about the dropouts in connection due to upgrade in line, or slow internet speed due to damaged wires, or climatic conditions. Since there are no wires involved the connection would be stable and more reliable.

There are different broadband packages that hughesnet provides for its customers. The minimum package would give you the assistance of a technical support that is available for you 24/7. There would a warranty on the hardware for 2 years. The initial setup and installation would be done free of cost. You would be also provided 5 e-mail accounts with a storage space of 2 GB.

Your e-mails would be protected with anti-spam and anti-virus provided by hughesnet. Your PC is vulnerable to attacks by hackers and intruders and so a PC security suite is also added to the package. With all these advantages comes the price of the connection which starts from only $ 39.99. This makes hughesnet the best choice available to you, so go and get yourself a satellite connection today.

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