18v Ryobi Cordless Hammer Drill

A cordless hammer drill is a must for any Diy enthusiast or professional craftsmen from carpentry, builders, farmers or mechanics to name just a few. Before the introduction of cordless power tools any work to be done away from a power supply required long cables which many of them did match up to the safety standard and you were limited to the length of the cable.

With the introduction of cordless power tools such as the 18v Ryobi Cordless Hammer Drill the amount of work being done away from the workshop became a pleasure and inexpensive to do. No need to hire out electric generators or acquire long cumbersome cables.

These drills are so called for their ability to drill through masonry or concrete with special masonry drill bits. If you put a masonry bit into a hammer drill chuck as place it against a wall while running the drill in the lowest speed, you will see the effect of the hammer in that, about a quarter of one revolution the drill would give a short trust like action.

This is a big help to the drill through concrete compared to using a drill for the same job without this hammer action. All cordless hammer drills have the ability to disengage the hammer action and allow you to drill other products like wood and metal where the hammer action is not required. Whichever drill you use to drill through steel, it is of vital importance to start by using a small bit and work towards the size required.

A couple of years back I purchased a 18 volt Roybi cordless hammer drill and i have to say I am delighted with this product compared to other cordless I have bought in the past. The Roybi at 18 volts is a power full drill and care should be taken when using it.

For more information on the 18 volt Roybi cordless hammer drill go tohttp://patrickgalvindiyandtools.com

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Pat_Galvin


For more information on the 18 volt Roybi cordless hammer drills and tools go to http://patrickgalvindiyandtools.com

Article Source: Pat_Galvin


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