How to recover database properties after database compactation

Microsoft Access offers a rich user interface between MS Jet Engine and Software development tools which can be used to access Microsoft databases and provides support for security, transaction processing, indexing, referential integrity and more. Jet allows multiple users to access the database synchronously. It makes easier for you to access database and prevents database from being corrupted or invalidated when multiple users try to access or write database. However, at times you may find some problem while accessing the database. There are chances that database may have gone corrupted due to external interferences or power surges, or some other miscellaneous reasons. In those situation you need to take some corrective measures to come around the solution. However, If you are unable to unlock the problem then you must use a third-party Access database repair tool to repair Access file.

To illustrate the above, lets take a scenario wherein you are working on Access database. You run the compact and repair database function to maintain database properly. Later when you open the same file you see encrypted data with duplicate values in some tables and don’t find some relationships which had been established among the tables.

So what to do??  Try to find the cause of this horrifying event where you find yourself in nowhere situation.

There could be many reasons but the most expected is that at the time of execution of compact and repair database utility, indexes are rebuilt. Due to that, whenever it finds data that results violation in indexes which further drops out the indexes. Or, if you enforced referential integrity on this table which is also removed by compact process. Or database may have gone corrupt which is not letting the database to be accessed properly.

First things first, you should replace the data with an updated backup if you have one. However, if the backup is not updated then you should perform the following steps to fix this issue:

Opt for option Find Duplicates Query Wizard to check those records which corrupt the index.
Delete the bad records.
Sign the fields as primary key

Relation, having dropped, opt for Find Unmatched Query Wizard to check the bad records.
Remove those records or assign appropriate key value to those corresponding records..
Act with a new relation again

Still, If this solution doesn’t lead you restoration of your file then you need to repair your access database file using third party access repair tool which restores and recovers all corrupted or damaged file for all latest Operating system.  

Stellar Access Repair
Software is an competant and economic tool which recovers database components such as macros, reports, tables, forms, and queries, modules. It supports the databases created in Access 2007, 2003. 2002, and 2000 and compatible with Windows 7, Vista, Server 2003, XP, and 2000.

I am Laren Daniel, professional author writes articles for Software handing issues such as file corruption, application malfunction and provides informations regarding best recovery softwares to repair access file, excel file and more.

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