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Oracle launched new SDK for web applications like web services and its Oracle JDevelopers 10G which is known as Integrated development environment (IDE). It support complete web application development life cycle with its creative feature for project modeling, coding, debugging, testing, profiling, tunning, and deploying applications J2ME developers can now use this new SDK for developing web application/services with XML, Java, and SQL Standard.

This new SDK version for web application is focuses on java development using J2EE, J2SE, or J2ME. In addition, you can develop XML based application with its latest features like XML Scheme Modeler, XML Code insight and XML tag Property inspector. In addition it’s also provides developing and modeling environment for building database objects and stored procedures.

Oracle JDeveloper 10G makes J2ME application development simpler and more accessible. It focuses on visual and declarative approach to J2EE development. J2ME developers can use some java classes, EJB, TopLink, Oracle ADF business components for web services and application. It provides MDA (Model Driven Architecture) for hand-coding and declarative development. This SDK is total java based tools and also cross-platform IDE so your applications run on any platforms like Windows, Linux, or Unix-based systems Developers can uses latest industry standard with J2EE-Compliant server and access JDBC compliant database.

This SDK is popular open source frameworks or tools which providing some in built features like Struts, Ant, JUnit and CVS for their application development process Oracle JDeveloper 10G is based on Model-View-Controller (MVC) and this design pattern divide your application architecture in 3 layers.

Model – handles interaction with data-sources and runs the business logic
View – handles the application user interface
Controller – handles the application flow and acts as the interface between the Model and the View layers

Conclusion:- This new SDK by Oracle is provide complete integrated development environment for J2ME development with exceptional productivity boosting features with full oracle development life cycle

Author has been working as Sr. Java Developers in India based outsource software development company. He would like to provide information about power of Java application development

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