Lose Weight by Eating More Fibre

Did you know it’s possible to lose weight by only slightly increasing the amount of fibre you eat?

Everyone agrees that including a decent amount of fibre in your diet is a good idea. Fibre in moderate quantities has many benefits for your body including good bowel functions and it helps to reduce cholesterol.

There are two types of dietrary fibre but what effect does each type of fibre have on your body?

Insoluble fibre comes from foods such as cabbage leaves, carrots, and beans, and is not absorbed by the body. This means it serves as a natural laxative and can help in keeping good bowel functions. Because it is not absorbed the fibre passes relatively quickly through you digestive system. Insoluble fibre absorbs water and can help you feel full without adding calories.

Soluble fibre is found in foods like apples, oats, and rice. It is absorbed by the body and can help lower the amount of cholesterol in your body. When eaten soluble fibre forms gels in the presense of water which swell and make you feel full so you can eat less.

How much fibre should you eat?

There are many benefits to eating fibre from helping against heart disease to good bowel functions and helping to lower cholesterol but like anything eating too much will cause adverse effects. A healthly adult is recommended to eat 18 grams of fibre a day, roughly equivalent to a bowl of cornflakes for breakfast, an apple for lunch, a pear as a mid afternoon snack, and a serving of carrots and small quantity of baked beans in the evening. There are other sources of fibre such as branflakes or rice so varying your diet is more than possible.

I wouldn’t recommend waking up one morning and rapidly changing your diet. Like all things in life gradual change to a healthier lifestyle is better so start off slowly. By including more fibre in your meals you’ll feel fuller without adding calories so can eat less and lose weight.

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