What Are Frontpage Extensions?

Front pageextensions can be installed for Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) as well as on Windows NT and UNIX web servers. Front Page is widely recognised as the website building program and its user-friendliness helps you to deal easily with programming languages like PERL, HTML and other scripts. The FrontPage extensions when used with websites created by FrontPage enhance the functionality and the users experience. A majority of web hosting providers also offer support for FrontPage extensions.

Web Bots allows you to build web pages much quickly and easily and also helps you to keep track of any changes you make to your web pages, ensuring that the subsequent pages also reflect those changes. With web bots, you do not have to invest much time in making changes to your website and rather focus more on other business at hand.

Before you use FrontPage as your website builder, ensure that your web hosting provider does support FrontPage Extensions. If it does not, you have to find a web host that is compatible to website building programs. Every FrontPage web on a server has its own set of extensions and server, affecting three areas of functionality, namely, authoring, administering and browse-time functionality. In case of authoring, the server extensions network with FrontPage Explorer at the time of file maintenance in your FrontPage webs. For instance, if you delete a file / folder, the server extensions will make relevant changes to all hyperlinks to and from that file / folder. When it comes to administering function, the server extensions manage all communications with the server in regards to permissions, and keep a track of all the activities being pursued by multiple authors on a single web server. In browse-time functionality, web bots are employed in a web and the server extensions give them their functionality, acting like CGI programs.

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