Benefits of Co-location and SAAS Hosting

Co-location hosting enables the user to pay for the server space that he has utilized. The user will have the power to select the server configuration and the software platform upon which he can run the applications. The service provider offers reliable connectivity, redundant power supply, back up facility, network routers so that even in case of natural calamities, the server can be rebooted with all these facilities. The end user need not be worried about the technicalities involved in such tasks. The service provider will provide the complete back up facility so that the website owners can totally be carefree of these bottlenecks.   

The customers can get reliable server uptime because of these redundant network features. The end users actually share the bandwidth offered to them. The cost involved in co-location hosting is very minimal when compared with dedicated hosting services. All the technical support will be offered by the service providers to fix any kind of unforeseen snags and other performance issues of the server. Key factors like back up facility, server uptime, secure and authorized access to servers should be considered before choosing a vendor. If you intend to have private Name servers and anonymous FTPs, it is recommended to have multiple IPs offered by the provider.   

The next big thing in the web hosting industry is the SAAS computing and SAAS hosting. This industry has a projected value of $ 114 billion in the year 2010 which expands at a rate of 25% per annum. Most of the small and medium scale business owners prefer to this kind of hosting as it saves money in the long run. This technology is very easy to operate and is cost effective. The users can pay for the resources that were used on demand. A single click of the mouse is adequate to request more bandwidth or to downgrade the bandwidth features. The user affordability level is very high in this case. It is gaining immense popularity and business owners crave to implement their business ideas using this technology.  

Business owners can easily leverage the IT infrastructure facilities from a remote place. Multiple software applications can be run on it. The server uptime is almost 100% and there are redundant network facilities which will help you to reconnect to the server in case if one link fails. One need not be worried about any kind of natural or human interference over the line. Complete digital back up facilities will let you think about the business enhancement ideas.   

Software As A Service model helps the business owners to save huge amount of money as they need not install any kind of resources at their end. This eliminates the need of laborious installation works at the client side. A quick patch and update to the software on the SAAS server is enough so that the client systems can access this. The above discussed hosting services provide a cheap and effective way of hosting the applications and business processes to the business owners.

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