Do You Really Need That Sql Backup?

It is amazing that some people question the value of having a SQL backup. They think that their firewall makes their system so secure that nothing could get through, but that is rarely the case. The reasons why data is destroyed or lost is extremely varied, and if you don’t have a backup ready to go of all your data, you could be in big trouble.

When you stop to think about all of the information that is on your server, you might be surprised how quickly it would affect the progress of your business if it were lost. Imagine losing not only all of your customer information, but your employee files, your invoices, your accounting, and even your tax information. You could very well find yourself out of business if you don’t have a reliable SQL backup running at all times.

The best firewall in the world won’t stop people inside your company from doing stupid things to your server, and it also won’t stop things like floods, power surges, hurricanes, fires, or earthquakes from taking it out, either. In addition to those threats, you also have to worry about malicious activity both inside and outside of your company. No firewall can protect you from everything.

The good news is that you can now buy an extremely affordable SQL backup program that will automatically backup all of your employee information, your customer data, your accounting information, and even your user settings, so that if something does happen, you will easily be able to re-boot the entire system. Of course, this type of software only works if you install it and run it properly, but that is easy to do for most people with even a little bit of computer experience. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to install a backup program and save your company.

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