Intelligently Designed IBM LTO Ultrium-5 Tape Solution

In today’s competitive environments, the business organizations should be proactive. For this reason, the organizations depend on in-time availability of vital business records & data files. The data administrators have to manage these enormous volumes of information, assure data accessibility for business insight and satisfy the compliance requirements at an economical cost.

IBM continues to lead the tape storage market. IBM along with HP and Certance invented the LTO tape media, which has established new standards for compatibility, capacity and reliability. LTO ultrium tape is the right medium that can meet your requirements with absolute integrity and unmatched cost efficiency. Open standard of LTO technology widens the users’ choice and facilitates them to flexibly utilize the LTO tape media with all brands of ultrium-5 tape drives.

LTO format’s latest version LTO-5 tape has been rigorously engineered to provide unbeatable performance in modern information systems, large scale organizations, complex network servers, large financial databases, busy data centers and time-critical business applications. LTO-5 is also called LTO ultrium-5 tape. IBM LTO-5 cartridge can accommodate 1.5 terabytes of un-compressed information.

When compared with other types of tape formats, the IBM LTO ultrium-5 technology provides lower cost per gigabyte. In order to save more space, IBM has developed high speed TS2250 half-height LTO5 drive that creates superior storage value, higher recording performance and reduces the operating costs. Backup performance of IBM TS2250 LTO-5 drive has been enhanced to 140MB/s (un-compressed). The drive also features 1 Ethernet and 2 SAS ports to support wide range of businesses.

Precisely-engineered media manufacturing processes and stringent tests assure that IBM LTO ultrium-5 tapes adhere to the stringent LTO-5 tape specifications. High capacity IBM ultrium-5 format helps reduce amount of equipment, number of cartridges, IT staff and space associated with backup storage system. As a result, the time associated with cartridge handling and backup storage operations will also be reduced, which will further lower the operating costs.

Travan tape, SLR-MLR tape, VXA tape and SDLT tape are also reliable tape formats for high speed backups. Few of these data tapes are mentioned here:

Sony Travan TR-1 tape

Imation TR-5 Travan tape

Tandberg SLR-140 backup tape

Imation SLR 50 tape

IBM’s LTO ultrium-5 devices provide superior data integrity and performance that the organizations demand. Media partitioning is a new breakthrough feature offered by LTO ultrium-5 technology, which makes it the most efficient tape medium for time-critical applications and data-intensive environments.

Thanks to the media partitioning mechanism, the data administrators can easily search and update the data at a much faster rate and greater reliability. IBM LTO-5 ultrium cartridges feature a robust tape medium, which helps to optimize the backup performance and assure data longevity in automated and stand alone backup environments.

For long term reliability of recorded data, IBM LTO-5 ultrium technology offers the powerful combination of WORM and drive-level AES encryption system. LTO-5 WORM tape stores the data in a non-rewritable format, which secures the data against common operating errors and accidental erasures.

LTO5 tapes use linear tape open technology. All manufacturers make the tape with exact same specifications. The other major manufacturers of LTO5 tapes are Sony lto5, maxell lto5, fuji lto5, tdk lto5, hp lto5 & quantum lto5. Product and device names in this article are trademarks and are sole property of their owners.

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