Why Eternal Rez V

The Advantage of Eternal Rez V

There has been a lot of buzz about the health benefits of an ingredient found in quality red wine called Resveratrol. Technically, it’s a type of antibiotic that helps protect a plant from harm when stressed by too much UV radiation, injury or a fungal infection. Several types of plants have Resveratrol, but it seems to be most highly concentrated in red wine. Drinkers of moderate amount of red wine seem to age more slowly than other people primarily by reducing a person’s chance at getting cardiovascular disease.

Scientists and nutritionists have always been puzzled by what they call “the French Paradox”. Usually, drinking alcoholic beverages makes a person far more likely to get cardiovascular disease. But not in areas of France where drinking a couple of glasses of red wine a day is considered normal. The theory is that the Resveratrol is what is protecting their hearts and keeping them energetic.

The Problem with Red Wine

Although Resveratrol sounds great, do you really have to go through the bother of drinking the wine in order to get it into your body? Alcoholic beverages are expensive, can get you dangerously intoxicated and are forbidden by many religions. Wouldn’t it make more sense to just take a pill containing Resveratrol rather than risk the dangers of daily consuming red wine?

That’s why many people interested in protecting their hearts and in slowing down the aging process is delighted with Eternal Res V. It’s Resveratrol in pill form. It’s also much, much cheaper than buying red wine. Many people report that they begin to feel more energetic within one week of taking it. When a person has more energy, they are more inclined to exercise and therefore, lose weight.

What about Cancer Protection?

Perhaps the most exciting thing about Eternal Rez V is that, because of the antibacterial properties, initial studies done with rats are showing that it can kill or severely limit the growth of certain cancer cell lines. The types of cancer best affected were of the stomach, breast, colon, thyroid and prostate. One study even showed a reversal in breast tumor development in rats that had been chemically treated to get breast cancer. You can look this up in “Estrogenic and anti-estrogenic properties of Resveratrol in mammary tumor models.” Cancer Res. 2001; 61(20):7456-7463.

The study notes that not smoking will also help a person not get cancer. But people are still exposed to carcinogens from pollution and second-hand smoke. Eternal Rez V may help to protect from those carcinogens.

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