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Reference blade Server People often think that high-end, expensive, exclusive, telecommunications, financial, high-grade applications such as data center patent. Nowadays, with rapid development of IT technology, particularly Intel Open modular server platform launch, many server vendors and SI, ISV have strong follow-up, blade servers are from high-end market to the low end of market development, and embody the traditional server market. Intel Server Products Accessories for total Proxy , Bao Tong Group Hong Kong joint Intel, and value-added channel partners, pushing Intel Universal modular server system, blade system significantly reduced the cost of the benefit of the general growth of enterprise and small and medium users.

So-called blade servers is a standard rack height Chassis Cartridge multiple cassette within the server unit, to achieve high availability and high-density, each “blade” is actually a system Motherboard . Consulting firm Gartner and IDC market survey data, the blade server market is in rapid growth among the shows blade server rack server will keep pace with the rapid development momentum.

Compared with traditional rack servers, blade servers have many advantages. First, more space-saving blade servers, the rack server space occupied by the density increased by 50% again. Configured in the cabinet under the premise of the system, the 1U rack-optimized server system migrate to blade servers, the space occupied by only one-third to one half of the original; in a standard rackmount environment, blade servers treatment to increase four to five times the density. Second, the blade server program is better than 1U rack cable wiring scheme, because the blade server Room layout As long as the unified fabric network cable, power cord, blade server with no human wiring. Third, from a cost perspective, the blade server management easier not only in a smaller space to provide more processing power, but because many components can be shared, so spend less. Finally, the blade server has a higher reliability and easy maintenance. All the key components of blade server can be redundant or hot swap, and remove the server blade server maintenance only mean drag chassis, it is like demolition hot swap Hard disk As simple.

Computing density, saving space, while allowing centralized management, easy to expand and provide uninterrupted service, blade server, and it shows, which was widely welcomed by business. In the past on the blade server purchases, mainly because of business needs of some large-scale computation-intensive enterprises, such as securities, telecommunications, oil exploration and other industries, in addition to large-scale online games and video site for the high demand for blade servers. High-density blade server computing, network, communication functions, but its high price, specification standards, do not open that early basic as IBM, HP Several major server vendors such as monopoly. Large growth companies and SMEs users, though aware of the advantages of blade server applications, but is not limited by the standard uniform and the high cost prohibitive.

This, Bao Tong Chen Li, director of marketing, said that the introduction of Intel-based SSI specification under the “modular server”, to break this bottleneck, but also to experience the many SMEs in the blade server “sharp” as possible. General Intel modular server system, using Intel Multi-Flex technology to computing, storage and network switching functions into a system can support up to 6 calculation modules, 14 memory modules and two Ethernet switching module, SAN and management module. The new universal modular system with Intel-compatible systems before the rack, and the cost is a fraction of traditional blade systems.

Addition to technical and cost advantages, the introduction of Intel common modular system that conforms to the customer’s application requirements. Mainly the traditional server-based computing, storage in a subordinate position. The current user for the storage, network and systems management needs of growing, especially a new generation of enterprise virtualization technology popularization of the computing, storage, management and even the memory, I / O components such as integrated high-density system more and more customers.

Chen Li said that SMEs, the information management application primarily internal network and external corporate websites, as well as specific mail server and database server, using blade servers, blade computing can be fully qualified for the few, not only save space, but also from a cost perspective, the blade server management easier, in the small space to provide more processing power, providing shared services, making the cost of SMEs spend less.

Present, the overall blade server market has become the fastest growing and most prominent in the field. Bao Tong closely integrated Intel resources, and value-added channels to an expanding SME market.

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