Oracle Sun Master To Leave The Many Technical Difficulties With The Financing Of Money

7.4 billion dollars since the Oracle acquisition, after Sun, Sun promised soon found things gradually vanished before. The deal would have to give Oracle Sun Sparc processor in Java, and such a flagship product has been promoted, while the advantages of open source can be used to pool in their respective fields who are very good developers and engineers. It is now apparent, after the Oracle acquisition of things that Sun is not so good.

This is not a surprise, Sun’s president JonathanSchwartz, and Sun Chairman and former CEO ScottMcNealy not followed to the Oracle to work. Primarily in Oracle, Sun Enterprise the number of the former are very few important people. However, Oracle announced a related personnel: Sun executive vice president of JohnFowler, when he was in charge of Sun’s hardware business; Senior Vice President President CindyReese, after the Sun is responsible for operations and vice president of global business MikeSplain, is responsible for Sun’s hardware business operations.

Key figures, including Java founder James Gosling, XML co-inventor of the TimBray and Simon Phipps, Sun’s chief open source officer latter. As the Sun Software CTO business after the April before, Gosling had Oracle working with the same title for two months, seems to have been some very fierce things, then he left. The Sun before the Web, Technical Director TimBray quickly left the Oracle, as Google Development advocates. Phipps has never been working at Oracle, he is currently an open source integrators and platform providers ForgeRock term strategy director.

Other well known tasks, including Sun’s engineers, Charles Nutter and ThomasEnebo, Sun had guided the development of JRuby programming language, Oracle announced the acquisition of Sun in the months after the company left and joined the EngineYard. Sources of revenue, a key developer Hudson is continuing to do the project, engineers are also in April KohsukeKawaguchi left, and himself formed a company to do projects together and Hudson.

Why leave the Sun technology leader

In Gosling’s blog, mentioned that he needed a lawyer after his resignation. “I spent a lot of time reading the blog and the message, many people told me that I can. From these messages and communicate with the lawyers, the resignation to become a ‘full time'” Gosling writes, no one said he was under a job what would happen. Oracle Offer

sometimes given before a substantial reduction in the Sun staff salaries, sometimes only when the equivalent of Sun or small company level, Gosling said. In a blog posting last week, he expressed admiration for ForgeRock and the Oracle of panic: “They are another great little company, they will be cutting Oracle from the Sun out of the rubble into a yarn. They do service , support, and any matter referred to as OpenSSO “Gosling writes.

“Sun and Oracle are different types of public company” CharlesNutter that Oracle has not, as previously promised, as do open source business, and had the majority of businesses are open source the Sun.

Bray did not reveal too much of his current situation, he mentioned in the blog says, “I have had a chance to stay at Oracle, but I refused. I will tell the whole story when I will not be considered as weird time. I take the initiative to reach out and attract potential employers, Google seems to be the best bet, “he said.

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