Oracle Trader – Last Training Webinar of the Year Starts in a few hours

Since I pointed you toward Dustin Pass’ “ORACLE TRADER” software a couple of weeks ago, I have gotten some Great feedback on the software’s ability to predict the direction of the market, crash or spike, at the moment that a major report is released.

You’ve got to be alert because the trades I’ve witnessed on ORACLE has you in and out in less than 10 seconds.

If you’re the kind of trader that is PATIENT, but also likes to move FAST when the time to GO is given, then you are the prime candidate for Dustin’s Oracle Trader Software.

This is the LAST DAY to find out about Oracle Trader.

Here are some facts:

– OracleTrader works with any broker, any trading platform

– Their Data Feeds compete with some of the largest banks in the world and are truly instantaneous

– On average over the past 5 years they gain ~200 pips per month

– Their win ratio is over 99.9%

– The biggest drawback is experiencing a NO TRADE (you don’t lose money)

– They are in and out of most trades within Seconds

– OracleTrader can be setup and ready to go in less than 10 minutes

– Traders only need to be at their keyboard for about 15 minutes on trade days (unless there are multiple trades that day)

– OracleTrader works on every release, however they only publicly trade the proven market movers

– They offer phone support, email support, and live chat
Today webinars are the LAST webinars, and when sales close this week, THEY WILL STAY CLOSED.

You will NEVER be able to get the Oracle Trader package they are offering at this price again, EVER!!!

For the complete information and a demonstration  of the software, choose from these two Webinar times today…

=> Oracle Trader Webinar Registration

There are 3 huge trades every month, all coming up very soon, the Non Farm Payroll, Canadian Unemployment, and UK Retail sales – now these aren’t the only releases they trade, but they are by far the most consistent big pip movement trades based on their trading history over 5 years.

Rob Trader – Forex Expert

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