Are you missing out on Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)?


Over the past decade, our industry has seen a major shift to Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and Cloud Computing. SaaS means that you access your software over the Internet instead of having to install and maintain the hardware and software yourself. SaaS frees up valuable IT resources, eliminates the hassle of maintenance and upgrade projects, lowers your operating costs, and offers unlimited scalability.

It’s customers like you that are driving this change to SaaS. Why? Because with Software-as-a-Service you get more control over how you buy and use the software. Instead of paying for a whole bunch of licenses up front you simply pay-as-you-go on either a per-user or usage based model.

SaaS means:

· No Infrastructure Costs

No need to buy and maintain hardware to run the software yourself. No more up front licensed software or maintenance expenses.

· Free Up IT Resources

With SaaS there are no human capital expenses either. We run and maintain the hardware, networks, and software for you so you can free up valuable IT resources for projects that drive your core business

· Low or No-Cost Implementations

You don’t need to hire an army of consultants or staff up your IT team to implement SaaS time tracking software. Instead you just have an administrator customize our SaaS solution with a point-and-click user interface (UI) to tailor it to your specific business processes, projects, and people.

· Increased Security, Reliability and Scalability

Your data is stored in a safe and secure environment, safe from hackers and viruses. On-site security prevents theft, while the secure hosting facility eliminates threats such as fire or water damage. Off site redundancy even eliminates potential data loss due to natural disasters.

The scalable pay-as-you-go model makes it easy to add and remove users as your business evolves. With Replicon’s SaaS solution your data is more secure, access and up-time are more reliable, and the solution is more scalable then when it is managed by an in-house team with multiple competing priorities and limited resources.

· Automatic Upgrades Mean You Always Get the Latest Features

With SaaS you always have the latest version of the software as new updates are rolled out. This means that you are able to use new features and enhancements immediately following their release.

SaaS and Cloud Computing are the future of the software industry. It’s already the norm in many areas of business including HR management, accounting, legal services, customer relationship management, billing, email, IT security and content management services. SaaS industry leaders include Replicon,, Successfactors, WebEx, and Citrix.

Replicon, already the market leader, is leading the time tracking industry with a Software-as-a-Service solution that is already used by thousands of companies around the world. Companies like Fujitsu, CIS, and SRCA use our SaaS based Web TimeSheet product to optimize resources, increase accuracy, and identify and capture more revenue.

Replicon’s industry-leading SaaS solutions include:

· Web TimeSheet Project & Billing Edition – allows users to track time against projects, enter billable and non-billable time, and compare expected revenue to the total project cost.

· Web TimeSheet Time & Attendance Edition – give companies an easy way to track time off, adjust payroll based on overtime calculations, and set up limits for minimum or maximum time submissions.



Scott Bales is a Product Manager at Replicon, Inc. He has broad experience with development and implementation of online timesheet software that help customers simplify time tracking for projects, employee attendance, and resource scheduling tasks.


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