Dell Inspiron 1520 Review

The U.S. Dell, as some of its competitors, started boosting the attractiveness of its machines with the public appearance of colorful patterns. He also took the opportunity to simplify the nomenclature of its range, now collectively known as Inspiron.

In terms of laptops, the Inspiron line now consists of four models: two 15-inch, two 17 inch, each of the two diagonals being declined configuration Intel and AMD configuration. As usual with Dell, the entry price is very low, but it is often necessary to salt adding some components for which is estimated to need … or envy!

It is an Inspiron 1520, 15-inch model with an Intel and mounted on the recent platform 965 of depth, which we are today. Among the eight colors offered by Dell on this product line is the green that has been allocated. A rather bright color, which breaks with the gray used on previous generations of Inspiron.

Of course, everyone does not turn into a green model, but this color has appeared rather successful, as the other colors of the range. Dell has tried to give his machines colorful taking care that the whole does not become garish. The tastes and colors are what they are but on the whole, the goal we felt for these filled Inspiron summer collection 2007.

A slightly rubbery coating, which evokes the feel of the gum, covers the top cover. Going against the current of the current trend is that laptops are covered with lacquered varnish, the material appear to be fairly mild, but has the slight disadvantage of an early goal through contact with other objects. The black and gray tracks produced by these frictions disappear fortunately without difficulty.

The center of the cap is adorned with the traditional logo Dell, in a circle, gray, pretty much like that found on a machine like the Inspiron 6400. The analogy with 6400 is not trivial, since our Inspiron 1520 is based on a chassis that is reminiscent of the slightly older model. Relatively massive, 1520 has slightly receding lines at the edges expected to confer a certain compactness such as dell Latitude X300 battery, dell Latitude LS battery.

Opening the hood is done through a horizontal trigger, coupled with relatively flexible hinge, to open the laptop easily with one hand. The screen swivels around 180 degrees. Interior uniformly gray screen in 1520 reveals a matte 15.4-inch 1280 x 800 topped with a webcam and a microphone. The brightness and colors seem perhaps a little less bright compared to qu’affichent a glossy screen, but choosing Dell allows for example to use the machine outdoors in decent conditions.

The front has a series of dedicated shortcut keys to the volume or the management of the current playlist. Not necessarily obvious to catch the flat finger buttons are low enough on the edge of the machine to avoid the risk of fire accidentally while typing or manipulating the touchpad. An additional button, located next to the main switch, will start the multimedia suite Dell Media Direct, incidentally, will not replace a real media center …

On these new Inspiron touchpad is smooth and responsive, although the accuracy could probably be higher. The two clicks, left and right, require only slight pressure, but deep enough so that one avoids, in most cases, the inadvertent click. As is de rigueur today, there are two lifts, vertical and horizontal, on the touchpad, whose height is perhaps not enough that the models used more extensively.

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