Do these pip counts make you jealous? Add yourself to the list ? Oracle Trader Webinar

Dear traders,

Take a closer look at this list with excited traders:

Winfried A: “78 Pips”

Hidayath M: “+48 pips!”

Romain T: “42 pips”

Michaela A: “in 111.13 out 110.70 on 2 separate accounts”

LARRY R: “Made 48 pips on one station, 30 on another …”

Michael P: “31 pips – and out”

Marian B: “30 pips!”

Hoe T: “Out at 40 pips!”

Marion B: “30 pips on first half, 34 pips on second half!”

Jeff O: “I got 38 pips closing out manually…”

Keith N: “48 & 45!”

Romain T: “Got 42 pips  “

Joshua A: “I didn’t get in until 110.71, which was a bit ridiculous…but still profitable!”

Barry B: I got out at a bad spot but still took about 30 pips or so

Beth J: “40 [pips]”

Dave A: “I got filled at IBFX on USD/JPY and took 40 pips”

ALICE R: “Finally got it closed.. learning curve error… got 49 pips with all my fumbling “
Don’t be jealous, let’s add your name to the next list by becoming a highly profitable FOREX trader – simply register for this free 90 minute webinar and you will be well on your way to becoming a profitable (and happy) trader – even if you don’t know anything about technical analysis!

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Reserve 90 minutes for a life-changing FOREX webinar event with Dustin Pass on Thursday, January 13th.  There are three times to choose from. You’ll see – Dustin’s method is something else…  I was BLOWN   AWAY when I first saw it!

That’s why I’ve been telling you about it because I want you to make money too!

Need More Proof?  Read These:

David W: I got 75 pips!

Ed H:79 pips in demo 1st time. Great stuff Dustin thank you!!!

Bob G: I got +80!

Marion B: 47 pips on 1st half and 67 pips on 2nd half……I believe now!

Keith N: 96 pips with safe, 90 medium trigger

Richard D: 62 pips!

Scott R: 75 pips!

John L: 67pips!

Keith J: 87 pips

Padraig F: 62 pips!

Michaela A: 72 to 82 pips on multiple accounts!

Tim H: 56 pips!

Omar B: thanks, man!… Yes, I’m a believer now!

Keith J:my first actual trade – felt good

Philip D: … ‘I went solely on audio and triggered a small ‘profit’… – just trying out – first time’

David W: I am a believer!!!!

Louis P.H. 99 & 86 pips!

Michael P: 87 pips – great finish to a slow week!

Barry B: took 100 pips on a very small trade!

Michael K: in at 111.80 (market spiked 75 pips down in 10 seconds!)

David L: this is great… 100 pips!

Tariq S: closed all at +30

Yeah Baby!  That’s what it’s all about – killer results putting money in the bank!

Oh, notice how many names are repeats from the first list of comments?.. that’s because this strategy works every week. Dustin’s traders are laughing all the way to the bank.

So don’t get mad or jealous, get even! And get your name on this list by registering for the webinar now (Dustin will even give you a version of the software for free when you do).

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You owe this to yourself.  Take action now.

The moment I learned the truth about Oracle Trader, I made the personal commitment to trade this way, and I recommend it wholeheartedly to every trader who comes to me seeking advice. Now I want your feedback, so email me after the webinar and let me know if you were impressed too!

The Oracle Trader brings you the technology you need to gain as many pips as possible in the shortest period of time. Once you’re all setup, everything is on autopilot, almost like a robot is making the trade for you. Both entries and exits are covered for you. BUT – It’s not a Forex robot, it’s not a manual trading system. It’s a truly unique software. Oracle Trader by Forex Traders Daily is a Forex trading system – signals and auto trading software. It also includes Forex trading training.

Read Full Oracle Trader Review Here:

==> Oracle Trader Full Review

Rob Trader – Forex Expert

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