Oracle Recovery Software To Recover Database While Dbms_repair Method Fails

At times, the Oracle database becomes corrupt and the data in the database can not be accessed. The problem behind such a corruption/damage to the database can be anything, including database block corruption, virus attack, corruption to the file system of the computer, operating system malfunction etc. Under any of these instances of data loss or inaccessibility, if you have a previously taken valid backup, you can restore the database from it. But, if you do not have any recent backup available, you have to opt for any Oracle recovery utility to get the data back.

Among all possible errors of Oracle database damage, the data block corruption is the most peculiar one. Many suggest to drop the object and recreate the same, once you detect any corruption. However, if the database object is an important one and you do not want to take the risk of loosing some valuable data, the the idea of dropping the object is quite absurd. If the the corruption of data block is limited to some limited table rows, then, you can also resolve the problem by rebuilding the database table.

Apart from theses, there are methods to find out the data block corruption cases and correct them. You can use the ‘DBMS_REPAIR’ package, which can help you detect the corrupt database tables and repair them as well. In order to perform the repairing operation, you can opt any procedure, including ADMIN_TABLE, CHECK_OBJECT, SKIP_CORRUPT_BLOCKS, FIX_CORRUPT_BLOCKS etc.

However, there are limitations to the ‘DBMS_REPAIR’ method, as this can not successfully repair the Oracle database in case of external causes, such as virus/malware infection, application malfunction, disk corruption etc. Therefore, under such external causes of Oracle database corruption or if ‘DBMS_REPAIR’ method fails, you have to look for any good Oracle database recovery utility to recover dbf efficiently.

These advanced utilities are meant to repair Oracle database and recover the data with its format being completely intact. These applications are 100% read-only and retrieves the data safely. Moreover, it is their interactive graphical user interface, with which you can easily operate the software without even spending much time in studying the functionality details.

Stellar Phoenix Oracle Recovery is an immensely useful Oracle database recovery application to deal with any instance Oracle database corruption and recovers the data without any modification to the structure of the database. The software works on the databases created with Oracle 9i, 10g, 11g and is compatible with Windows Server 2003, XP.

My name is mark willium, currently doing research on dbf recovery application

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