SQL Database Recovery in Three Easy Steps

In MS SQL Server databases, indexing is used by many users that is a very helpful feature as it makes searching and traversing the database simple and faster. The indexes are stored in the hard disks in the form of B-trees that represent all the data in child and parent node. When the indexes get damaged due to any sundry reason, the database starts displaying unusual error messages. It may also happen that you would be unable to use the database. In such case, SQL repair can be performed by using appropriate methods. However, if none of the methods work then you should use a third-party MS SQL repair software to repair SQL database.


Talking on the similar lines, consider a situation in which you are facing the following error message while using an MS SQL Server 2000 database:


“Table error: Object ID O_ID, index ID I_ID B-tree level mismatch, page P_ID1. Level LEVEL1 does not match level LEVEL2 from parent P_ID2.”



In a B-tree in the problem database, two pages are linked as child (P_ID1) and parent (P_ID2). However, the P_ID1 page does not follow the rules of the B-tree, which is causing the problem.



To repair SQL file in such a situation, you should perform the following methods preferably in the given order:

Fixing the hardware related errors: As is witnessed in most of such cases, the root cause of the error is the corruption in the hardware components. To do away with such problems, you should perform the following tasks:

◦ You should check the Error logs and analyze if any error has occurred because of the hardware malfunctioning.

◦ You should run the hardware diagnostics and try to address the errors.

◦ You should try to reinstall the operating system after formatting the hard disks.

Restoring the database using the backup: You should use the database backup if it is clean and updated.
Running DBCC CHECKDB: You should use the DBCC CHECKDB tool with the suggested repair clause to repair MDF file.


In most of the cases, these methods would be able to repair SQL database. However, if it is not so then there is a serious need to use a third-party .MDF repair software. Such do-it-yourself tools are read-only in nature that do not modify the database in any which way.


The most recommended MDF file repair, which recovers SQL database created for MS SQL Server 7.0, 2000, 2005, and 2008, is Stellar Phoenix SQL Data Recovery. With the ability to repair MDF file by restoring various objects such as NDF files, collations, defaults, triggers, tables, stored procedures, etc, this MS SQL repair software is compatible with Windows 7, Server 2008, Vista, Server 2003, XP, and 2000.

My name is Mark Willium, I have done Ph.D in computer science and currently doing research on how to recover and repair corrupted sql database. During research found many repair & recovery software for SQL database, some of them are sql server recovery, recover sql mdf, mdf database repair, repair mdf tool and many more.

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