Sql Injection Is A Security Issue Which Is Present In Asp And Php

Sql injection is a security issue which is present in ASP and PHP. Sql injections can be prevented with good amount of research and prevention of unintentional mistakes. Sql injection attacks pose a serious threat to the security of websites.

Prevention is the best method by which one can avoid Sql injection attacks.

Steps to prevent Sql injection-

The first step to prevent Sql injection is to validate all user inputs in a proper manner by identifying meta-characters, by doing so you can filter them. Filters must be placed in such a manner so that they can work to remove anything which may seem inappropriate. One can also use account lockout policies which would protect your system from brute-forcing.

When dealing with numeric inputs like age, credit card numbers and telephone numbers values should be processed through special functions, this would make sure that the entered value has only numbers in it and also spaces if required. To be sure you can limit the number of characters allowed; you can do the same with integers, dates and floats.

When dealing with string inputs, it is required to have certain meta-characters. To be safe you can limit the number of characters, since an unlimited number of characters can be put to use by anyone who is on the verge to initiate an SQL injection attack.

Steps for damage control and threat management-

You would require a Sql injection tool to clean your code thoroughly; this tool is especially useful if you have to deal with sensitive data like your email addresses, physical address, contact numbers and bank account information.

When dealing with important issues you can also get a Sql injection scanner. With the help of a scanner you can detect attacks whenever possible. Sql injection scanners are enterprise level applications which are available for companies to install onto their severs because of which you would not have to worry about client-side implications other than making sure that customers still enter data correctly.

The Sql injection removal program can be used for damage control, incase of a Sql injection attack. This program usually comes along with the Sql injection scanner. With this program you can secure whatever data is important, while removing the threat from your system. This program is more so important during emergencies.

You can always make sure that your system is threat free and safe with preventive measures and with a Sql injection tool in hand.

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