The Importance of CCHIT Certified EMR Software

As of February 17, 2009, the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 was signed into law by President Obama. This act provided $ 17.2 billion in financial incentives to facilitate the widespread implementation of certified EMR software amongst physicians and hospitals. In order to benefit from this stimulus plan, the physician must implement a certified EMR software program. These benefits are received through Medicare and Medicaid programs.

CCHIT , or Certification Commission for Healthcare Information Technology, has not been explicitly mentioned in this new act, but it is believed that it will be named as the certification program for EMR software. The program was officially recognized by the government in 2006 and has been successful and sustainable in doctor’s offices and hospitals across the country. In addition, certified EMR software has had a high market acceptance.

CCHIT certification has high standards in product analysis, usability requirements and operation verified at multiple sites. There are also federal standards that apply here, as well as membership requirements. Some of the CCHIT certifications for EMR software include the EHR-C, EHR-M: A and the HER-S. Programs that feature these EMR selection criteria are usually considered trustworthy and high-quality products.

Before purchasing, it is wise to create a list of features that is important for you to find in a software program. These features may include recognizing adverse drug reactions, e-prescriptions, and billing. Additional factors to consider are whether there are any non-functional requirements that need to be addressed in order for the software program to be integrated and implemented successfully into a practice. These often include staff training, the initial cost and annual costs, technology and whether or not the software must be passed through a managing organization.

When selecting a company to purchase your certified EMR software from, it is important that you choose a provider that can help you determine whether or not the software is right for your practice. The vendor should have a reliable reputation as well as provide outstanding customer support. You should also have options in software depending on practice size, your office’s specialty as well as your local market.

By selecting the right certified EMR software, you can improve office productivity, while gaining income and reducing expenses. It can also keep you within legal limits, while providing access to stimulus funds as well.

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