Advantages of SaaS-Based IT Security and Compliance Solution

Organizations are under constant vigilance of government bodies for their extent of compliance with industry regulations. IT security compliance issues have created a demand for several such regulations including HIPAA, SOX, and GLBA. Non compliance with these regulatory standards attracts heavy penalties. Therefore every enterprise including small and mid-sized ones, have to employ robust solutions to maintain tight security over their IT infrastructure. These compliance regulations are complex in nature and hence it is very difficult to maintain a cohesive system of discovering, monitoring and reporting security status. This results in wastage of time and added costs.

However, SaaS-based compliance management software solutions have come to the rescue of businesses that face challenges in IT compliance and security. These solutions provide several benefits while also fulfilling governance risk and compliance needs in an integrated and unified manner. SaaS-based IT compliance solutions use automated processes which align security compliance practices with the organization’s governance system. So, organizations can now have complete visibility of their compliance status and manage their data center, network and security with a single integrated framework.

Advantages of SaaS-Based Compliance Management Solutions

These solutions are simple and help reduce the time needed for regulatory compliance and certification processes. An end-to-end automated process is employed to meet the demands of security, compliance, audit and risk management needs.
They have a flexible infrastructure with a built-in support system for various compliance regulations like SOX, ISO, COBiT, PCI, HIPAA etc.
These solutions require very low investments but can generate high returns, which make them an ideal platform for all small and medium-sized businesses.
They can be easily deployed as they are web-enabled and run on multiple web browsers and running on any operating system, providing continuous updates.
All specific and sensitive customer data are protected on a multi-tenanted architecture with the help of advanced and secure technologies.
It reduces the total cost of ownership thus making it highly cost-effective.
Automated processes handle workflow easily along with document management, inventory controls, compliance scanning and easy access control through a web interface that is highly secure.
They also provide exhaustive audit logs for all actions that are relevant to the compliance process.

Merely employing technological methods is not enough to build a secure IT GRC environment. Success depends on evolving appropriate IT security policies and how these technologies are implemented and managed to produce the most emphatic results. Harnessing the IT environment for achieving business objectives, and managing financial, strategic and operational risks efficiently determine the worth of the compliance system. SaaS-based compliance management software can handle all these complex procedures and create a congenial environment for secure IT governance.

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