Attention Deficit Hyper Disorder – Symptoms of ADHD and the Precautions on Its Treatment

Attention deficit hyper disorder or ADHD is certainly a grueling challenge to most parents with children diagnosed with ADHD. There is always this palpable atmosphere of apprehension surrounding them, apprehension for their child’s next unanticipated incident.

Children with attention deficit hyper disorder are difficult to deal with because they are not easy to control, not easy to please and not easy to console. They are always engaged in disruptive attention-seeking behavior. They can also be very reckless in their actions, without regard for consequences. Also, children with ADHD have seemingly inexhaustible source of energy, they are always running, climbing things and jumping around. Their parents are exhausted by just looking at them.

Attention deficit hyper disorder is also the culprit to these children’s learning disabilities. ADHD impairs their reasoning and memory faculties which impedes their comprehension and recall capacity. Expectedly, these children perform poorly in school and a very damaging poor self-image develops.

Parents with ADHD children should avoid treating them like they are normal kids. These children have special needs and should therefore be treated with these special needs in mind.

Yelling and shouting will not help these children become more organized or better behaved. In fact, this will only encourage them to act in the same way when they are frustrated or disappointed. Disciplining children with this behavioral disorder requires more patience and plan. Patience here does not refer to tolerating their behavior, rather it refers to patience in devising a strategy that will help these children understand what is being expected of them to do and the consequences if they do not follow.

First, you have to understand that these children’s reasoning faculty is impaired. Thus, they cannot actually put two things together and conclude that doing this or that may bring them trouble with you. Reprimanding them about something they do not understand is futile.

What you can do is to adapt the same tone of voice and word signals indicating that you mean business and that they need to follow. Thus, when reprimanding your child you have to consistently use the same tone and the same word signals such as “Ben, you need to…” or “Ben, do not…”. Once this pattern is established, your child will have no difficulty in understanding when they are expected to behave accordingly.

Children with this behavioral disorder also need to have the proper treatment to help alleviate their conditions. Be careful in choosing the proper treatment. Prescription drugs do not help in curing this disorder. In fact they have known side effects that may be more harmful than helpful to your child. These prescription drugs are like yelling and shouting, the effort is there (financial, emotional and health costs) but it does nothing in achieving the desired result.

Now, are you or your child suffering from the effects of a hyperactivity disorder now? Maybe modern medicine has failed you. If so, consider homeopathy for ADHD. Nothing is more than our health. Come visit to learn how you can manage ADHD without the use of drugs.

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