Cure Anxiety Attacks Naturally – 3 Amazing Tips For Reducing Hyper Anxious Moments

When your anxiousness reaches a hyper level then you may feel like losing control or your heartbeat could accelerate or you could feel like pins and needles are pricking your fingers. These are all symptoms of anxiety and panic attacks. The best way to cure anxiety attacks is using natural techniques. This can be done using a combination of relaxation techniques, herbal supplements and exercises.

However before you start a natural treatment you should visit a doctor to confirm that you are suffering from panic attacks. Sometimes other health problems can also produce similar symptoms. For example high blood sugar level can also make you feel like pins and needles are pricking your fingers. So confirm with your doctor before you start to cure anxiety attacks using natural ways.

1) Herbs like Valerian, passionflower, kava kava, hops and chamomile have produced good results for people suffering from depression and anxiety. These herbs are available in the form of supplements in your local herbal health stores. If you are already taking some drugs for panic attacks, then you need you check with your doctor before you start taking herbal supplements. Taking both the treatments simultaneously can prove to be harmful.

2) Breathing exercises is one of the best ways to cure anxiety attacks naturally. When you feel the symptoms of an attack striking you, start breathing exercises. The idea is to breath slowly and deep. If you place your hand on your abdomen you can feel the inward and outwards movement. Breathing will improve the oxygen supply to the body thus improving the functioning of your brain.

Slow abdominal breathing will also prevent hyperventilation. Hyperventilation is the imbalance between oxygen and carbon dioxide levels in the body. Hyperventilation is believed to be one of the main causes for these attacks. If you can prevent hyperventilation then you can cure anxiety attacks much easily.

3) Making your body calm and cool so that no negative thoughts dominate your mind is an excellent way to cure anxiety attacks naturally. You can do this by practicing relaxation techniques like listening to soothing music, inhaling aroma that relaxes your nerves, meditation and yoga. Some of these techniques like yoga and meditation will require some coaching, however it is well worth the effort.

Here are some secrets that you don’t know yet- If you are suffering from panic and anxiety attacks, there is an excellent natural anxiety treatment based on cognitive behavior therapy that can be implemented easily without any side effects and withdrawal symptoms. To understand this technique in more detail visit by clicking Anxiety Attacks Treatment

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