Five Advantages of Linux Hosting

At first glance, many people who are cornered with a decision to choose Windows or Linux hosting want to go with Windows.  Why?  Because Windows is a brilliantly branded product, of the very well known Microsoft Company.  Their entire brand philosophy is to make complex computer products simple to use.  

You may not have heard the name Linux but once or twice.  Linux is popular in the tech world and has achieved only a percentage of Microsoft’s user base.  However, many website owners and web hosting companies actually prefer to work with Linux.  Here are five reasons why Linux hosting is superior to Windows.

1. Linux is an open source software product.
That means that while you must pay hundreds of dollars for a Windows system, you can download a Linux OS absolutely free.  Linux is created by a community of web users and thus does not attach on a high licensing fee.  

2. Linux can easily be converted into a Windows site.
Don’t panic or fret that you will be unable to use a Windows server after installing the free program Linux.  In fact, a Linux server can easily be converted into a Windows server.  The same cannot be said about converting a Windows site back into a Linux site.  It is slightly more complicated.  

3. Linux works well with some of the most popular scripting language.
Linux is the preferred system if you are working with PHP, MySQL or Perl.  Though Windows servers are preferred if you are using .asp or Access, most other software works just fine with Linux.

4. Linux hosting is far more secure than Windows hosting.
In fact, government officials which protect highly confidential information typically go with a Linux system and not a Windows system.  Practically everyone in the tech community (web designers, programmers, etc.) agree that Linux is a more secure site.  

5. When you go with Linux, you help break Microsoft’s market monopoly.
Microsoft has enough money and market, so don’t feel bad about going with the underdog in this case.  The fact of the matter is that when you avoid Windows products, you give more power to the web community and open source (yes free) programmers.  Continue using Linux hosting if you want to support these open community programmers and help keep technology free!

You can learn more about Linux hosting by contacting a dedicated web hosting company in your area or online.

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