Flying Star Vr7000 Series Officially Released New Router

VOLANS-1000 Series?? The first cache system based on VROS Router Improved bandwidth utilization;

VOLANS-2000/3000 Series?? First added to the system in VROS Firewall Module Router Greatly improve the security of the router;

VOLANS-4000Series?? The first to VROS system IXP architecture embedded firewall router, the IXP architecture into a peak;

VOLANS-5000Series?? The first system configuration flexibility for the VROS port management, firewall router Network A qualitative leap in the environment;

VOLANS-6000Series?? The first to VROS system platform migration to 64-bit all-Gigabit router firewall architecture, leading all gigabit era;

… … And VR7000Series is VROS system integration to the industry’s highest performance multi-core 64-bit all-Gigabit (1.4GHz) Firewall Router ultimate pattern. And like them, VR7000Series the same from one place?? Flying Star Technology.

Figure: Flying Star VR7000 series dual-core performance over WAN Firewall Router

As enterprises Network Security The market matures, the user for the needs of multi-WAN broadband router is no longer a simple networking and security before the level of the. With increasing network security, the original product performance, technical and network organization will not be sufficient to solve the problems faced by enterprises, and Internet cafes, known performance of the industry markets to the soft route, the stability, manageability, functionality, easy to use of such aspects and can not meet customer needs.

The market’s progress, needs driven by the user, with the needs of the market will progress and improve. From the application level, the user becomes more and more rational, and product functionality, stability, ease of use in mind and safety is the primary condition of equipment procurement.

Recently, the famous flying fish new network equipment manufacturers satellite technology, announced on May 13, 2010 official release of its new 2010 masterpiece?? The industry’s top flagship high-performance multi-core multi-WAN broadband router firewall?? VR7000 Series New, mainly for large Internet cafes, residential, large enterprise and campus level users.

The current range of products model VR7000 VR7500 and VR7600. As the industry’s top performance broadband firewall router, VR7000 series with up to 2,200 units with a machine capacity of product performance, is Qi with this machine up to the industry’s highest volume products to meet the greater demand for the amount with a machine, a complex network environment needs of user groups.

In product configuration, VR7000 series reflects its strong product advantages: The 256MByte DDR2 high-speed Memory , Read and write speed is 4 times the normal SDRAM, equal to 1G of SDRAM performance, effectively protect the product faster speed and more connections. In addition, the family owned up to 1.4GHz of 64-bit multi-core processors, and joined VEF accelerating elements, hardware-accelerated, 64-bit network operating system VROSPlus and other leading hardware configuration, is by far the leading broadband network industry performance broadband router firewall products, and further demonstrates the powerful technology products Volans performance advantages.

Functional applications, VR7000 series not only with the second generation of intelligent flow control technology (SmartQos ), multi-line Load balancing , NTG network threat defense technologies, and support USB interface, management and other important functions. Meanwhile, low-power platform with no Fan Silent convection cooling technology, completely avoid similar products due to equipment failure caused the fan life, overheating, such as dead, with the industry’s most reliable thermal solution. Flying Star is also fully supported the anti-attack security technology linkage system (ASN), to create high stability, high reliability, high performance network environment!

Flying Star products, according to official said, with independent R & D capability as a powerful professional network equipment factory, Flying Star is not to scale, but to continue leading technology and customer demand-oriented product innovation, changing business network applications industry structure, and fully comply with product development and market application of law.

The face of an increasingly complex network applications, broadband router products, stability, manageability, functionality, ease of use, flow and other aspects and can not fully meet customer demand, more demand from the overall solution. For different users and provide different solutions, Flying Star Technology in 2009 launched attacks against the security linkage system (ASN) and the second-generation intelligent flow control technology (SmartQos ) is well positioned to meet the needs of users, VR7000 series is exactly The solution function and application of new product upgrades. Flying Star combined with anti-attack security technology, ASN linkage solutions, through the VR7000 series edge performance and new functions to help users solve the attacks lead to dropped calls within the network, cards and so on, to better serve the majority of Internet cafes , community and campus and other large users!

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