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Fujitsu, a multinational corporation, based in Japan, is no stranger to the ever-changing world of technology, advanced computer hardware and IT solutions.  Also known for their computer software and IT consulting services, Fujitsu Limited was ranked as claiming over a forty billion US dollar revenue base in late 2009.  The many successes of Fujitsu did not begin so very long ago – from the first computer to the plasma screen, it has taken several steps to make them what they are today. 

Headed by chairman Michiyoshi Mazuka, this Tokyo headquartered company is the world’s third largest provider of service for IT.  With the their old slogan, “the possibilities are infinite”, this company has withstood the tests of time, developing innovative idea after innovative idea.  This includes that of their new slogan, “shaping tomorrow with you”.  Making for a more personalized direction of advertising and branding.

How did the success of Fujitsu all begin? In the nineteen thirties, with a company by the name Fuji Tsushinki Seizo, began the manufacturing of telecommunications equipment.  After success in this arena, Fujitsu then developed the very first computer, which they entitled the FACOM 100.  After the development of this first computer, and the models thereafter, Fujitsu purchased close to eighty percent of International Computers Limited.

The mix of Fujitsu and International Computers Limited (ICL) created a wave of technology across the globe, educating all types of individuals, companies and corporations about the uses of computer technology.  With computer technology producing more efficiency within the corporate and personal worlds of tech users, Fujitsu took the time to make possible buys knowledgeable in computer’s assets.  Without the world on-board for this enormous advancement in technology, Fujitsu could not moved forward.

In nineteen ninety-one Fujitsu acquired close to half of the Russian computer company KME-CS.  Then in 1993 Fujitsu merged with another company to being operations involving flash memory.  In the later nineteen nineties, the company started developing the multimedia base for personal computers, as well as a further development of advanced computer gaming.

Not only does Fujitsu have solutions for both hardware and software, but they also are known for their consulting services.  Fujitsu Consulting (founded in 1973) is currently an international consulting firm that originally gained its footing in Canada.  With products and services, Fujitsu has made itself a complete go-to corporation.

In 1992 Fujitsu was the first to also introduce the plasma screen.  Now, on the top of every person’s Christmas list, if they do not already own a plasma screen television, the item has become quite popular.  The initial design was twenty-one inches with full-color included.

It is interesting to see the mix of developments Fujitsu has dipped into over their many years of success and design; including chips worked into Oracle servers.  Although, one always wonders what will be next on their list of amazing product designs, revolving around computer hardware, software and IT services/consulting.

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