Highly Robust HP LTO – 4 Ultrium 1840 Tape Drive

HP 1840 LTO4 tape drive supports all the major software and hardware platforms. Each of the tape drive options includes Data Protector Express, Data Protector Single Server Edition recovery/backup and option of Bare Metal Disaster Recovery. This drive also supports HP StorageWorks L & TT (library & tape tools) and HP OBDR (One Button Disaster Recovery). This drive enables direct connection to the servers based on SAS with the help of 3 gigabytes per second SAS interface. This tape provides offers enormous compressed recording capacity of 1.6 TB on single LTO-4 ultrium cartridge.  

This drive ensures data compressibility and superior performance at low cost. HP LTO4 tape C7974A provides high level protection and security to the confidential and critical data. More amounts of data can be held for longer time periods in this tape cartridges. This tape ensures high level reliability as it uses new innovative mechanism that adjusts the tape speed that maximizes the performance and keeps the tape drive streaming. Its native speed ranges from 40 to 120 MB/s. SAS and SCSI models also qualified on the non-HP and HP that also includes successful and reliable platforms from vendors such as Sun, IBM and Dell. The WORM feature ensures unchangeable data backups that satisfy the regulations like Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPAA and SEC 17A-4.

The design and architecture of this tape has been leveraged from the prior HP ultrium drives that help in accurate and reliable backups even under heavy work loads. According to the LTO program consortium, the data encryption should be completed regardless of brand of LTO4 drive used for data encryption. There are 2 parts of algorithm; one is the encryption key while the other part is the AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) algorithm. In order to create encrypted cipher text, the plain text is mixed with encryption key and then encryption algorithm is applied on it. The encryption key is required to decrypt the cipher text in order to make it readable.

No matter whether the information is encrypted through a 3rd party appliance, a software process or an LTO4 tape drive, the encryption key is always required to convert the encrypted data into readable form. Loss of un-encrypted information can lead to unlimited costs and liabilities. There are numerous examples where the loss of critical data has caused heavy losses to the companies. Losing unencrypted data tapes can lead to devastating effects on the enterprises such as loss of customer’s confidence and precious information. The companies have to take necessary measures to meet the increasing regulations. Data encryption is the only best option for the businesses that can protect them from bearing heavy losses. It is very much important that the businesses should emphasize and focus on all the components of data encryption to ensure data security.

LTO ultrium is the most reliable tape technology. HP 1840 LTO-4 tape drive is very robust and durable. We offer lowest prices on all LTO 4 tape drives and other media tapes.

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