Index Corruption In Sql Server Can Cause Database Corruption

What is Indexing Service in SQL Server? As you are aware in Microsoft SQL Server Indexing service structures all your data in such a way that helps your system to perform more efficiently on database tables information. It is very similar to Indexes in Libraries which helps us to find any book very quickly and easily. Basically Indexing Service narrows down your search drastically and helps your system to perform queries very fast.

Reasons for Index Corruption in SQL Server: There can be multiple reasons for index corruption issues. Some of them are listed below.

Sudden Power Supply Cut
Possible virus infections
Bad Sectors in Storage Media
Improper Index maintenance
Unexpected System Shutdown

Any of the above reason can cause your SQL Server index Corruption. In this situation if you try to access your SQL Server Master Database your system start throwing the below error message.

“Possible index corruption detected. Run DBCC CHECKDB”

After you see the error message shown above you will not be able to access any information from your Master Database file (.mdf File). In such scenarios, you should take some correct measures to gain access on your valuable database. You could also use DBCC CHECKDB command which is and inbuilt database recovery command. If in case you are still not able to resolve this issue then looking at the complexity of the task it is advisable take help from some third-party SQL Recovery tool to Fix Index Corruption in SQL Server Database.

How to Fix a Corrupt SQL Database and Index using SQL Recovery Tool? SQL Recovery Software scans the entire database and Indexes. With the help of this tool restoring Master Database File and Resolving Table Index Corruption becomes very easy and quick. This SQL Recovery Software works well with all versions of Microsoft SQL Servers. It recovers all database objects e.g. tables, reports, formats, triggers, stored procedures, and constraints.

SysTools is a well-known software company developing software in several domains like data recovery, email conversion and many more. The company persistently aims at creating simple and intuitive tools. SysTools SQL Recovery is one of one such user-friendly software for users who are wondering How to Fix A Corrupt SQL Database

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